Video Transcription

Hey Mike Callahan here at Callahan’s Corner- where you ask the questions we answer him here live on Facebook. One of the questions submitted earlier this week was how to communicate the time that your crews are going to be showing up at a property so this is appropriate for lawn care, home cleaning or any service business and in that matter. The question kind of spawned off of how to actually charge people when you’re going to skip the job and the question was basically what happens if my crews are delayed for weather delay or maybe a no call no show employee and obviously we’ve all had that happen. The idea of the question is how do we go out and seamlessly communicate with our clients to give them accurate information about what’s going on without bogging down our office and having them make fifteen, twenty, thirty phone calls per crew. What I’m recommending doing if you’re using a platform like Service Autopilot or another automation platform that ties into automations is creating a process that we call here be there been there it’s a tongue-twister be there been there and what it does is the automation creates an automatic trigger so when those jobs are dispatched or despatched back with delay they will update and send a text message or email to your crews. The idea is with the click of two or three buttons in the office we can live update our customers that our crews are going to be there before hand and then if you’re using a mobile device in a product such as Service Autopilot we can automatically trigger an email or text that the crews are leaving the home. Pretty interesting I’ve actually been able to see this as a consumer so the home cleaning company that we hired to use and clean our home uses our automations on Service Autopilot and it’s very interesting I get a text when Margaret is coming to the house to clean so I know that she’s on her way that day so it’s a reminder traditionally the day before to leave the key there or any information we need to leave for her and when she’s done after she clocks out of the mobile device I actually get a text message let me know that the cleaning company has actually left the house and locked the door so really interesting to see it on the consumers end and I will tell you as consumer I really love the feature because that reminds me that they’re coming so you got to do a little pre cleaning up at the house where the actual cleaner comes and then after they leave you know that they’ve actually left the premises. The idea is how do we communicate scheduling to the consumer very quickly and update them for things like rain delay or maybe a no call no show employee. Well I recommend going out and getting the free be there been there automation from Simple Growth on the marketplace if you are an existing Simple Growth client so if you’re an existing Simple Growth client we’ve got this automation that we give you for free and it alerts your clients before and after the service just like I’m talking about just like my home cleaning company does for me so be there been there that’s gonna be the optionI would recommend and if you’re building your own automations just make sure you build some logic into that automation to get and handle all the things that may and will probably happen along the way but the idea is we want to send a text or email up before the crews are out there and afterwards once they clock out of the job and the mobile device it fires off that automated text or email. To answer the question is how do we go out and notify our clients if when we’re coming out when the job’s done or inclement delays with weather employees I recommend making an automation just like be there been there and if your Simple Growth client just drop us a message and we’ll get that installed in your setup free of charge for you quick as possible thanks a lot Callahan’s Corner where you ask questions we answer live here in facebook