Mike Callahan back again with another installment of V3 updates for Service Autopilot. We’re breaking down all the new features of Service Autopilot and one of the last things we have left to actually go over is installment contracts or contracts themselves so they are going to shift from contracts into the V3 version and we’re going to show you how to actually convert those V2 contracts into the installment contracts in V3. First thing I’m going to do is open up my screen here and break it down so what we’re gonna do is actually take a look real quickly at version 2 and then how to convert that into version 3. The first thing we’re gonna do is go under contracts here and hit add a contract so as that opens up I’m going to scroll down and you can see right past the picture there in the bottom right hand corner I’m going to add a contract so this is version 2 now we’re gonna show you how to convert these contracts into V3 and you’re going to want to do this to avoid double billing and make sure the process is streamlined. I’m going to go over the V2 really high level and then how to take this contract we’re building and convert that into version 3 so what I’m gonna do is first thing I gotta do is go in and create a contact name so I’m going to just call this the test contract version so we know which one it is and in V2 if you still haven’t built these out obviously you want to put a start and end date so I’m just going to say that this contract starts February 1st and runs all the way through November 30th and the line item is what actually ends up on the invoice description so these are the invoice line items so I’m just gonna put test invoice line item just to show you proof of concept you get the green plus icon that’s going to drop it down obviously if there’s different ones you can manipulate them with the up and down arrows and the X deletes them. We’re gonna grab a default service so maybe it is now in this test account usually we use something under like landscape maintenance something like that but I’m just going to call it the default services the awesome service. Going in from February I’m gonna say it is a thousand dollar month contract we’re going to autofill that in here now obviously January is not appropriate so we’re gonna delete that out and I’m gonna go in to December delete that out make that a zero but for speed and efficiency in V2 we can autofill that now I’m gonna select the building date of the month I’m gonna say it’s the first and we’re gonna build one month in advance and payment type is going to be a credit card we’re going to auto generate included active and include any sub properties. Now in V2 what you’re gonna be doing is going in and adding contract items so I’m gonna put a couple items in here so you can see how this transfers over to the V3 version and once again this is important that we convert these V2 contracts into V3 otherwise we could have two new ones if you built a new one to V3 and left this you could create a double billing scenario so this video is going to show you how to convert subsequent videos going to show you how to actually build up brand new ones in V3 but I thought this was most important before we drove into actually how to build them we better convert them so we don’t double bill. Comments or questions feel free to drop them live here or in the recorded version. I’m going to go in and put in lawn care maintenance here and I’m gonna say it’s in here and we can do quantity and visit so now the overages will transfer over in V3 for what we’ve seen but if they need to be updated they need to be updated in V3. For this example I’m not going to have any quantity or overages and I’m gonna add one more service here and let’s call it shrub pruning probably have that in this instance so we’ve got long lawncare maintenance and shrub pruning that’s gonna account for $1,000 a month contract billing the first of the month and we’re gonna bill one month in advance so we can do our overages here but in this example I’m not going to but if you do they should transfer right over to V3. Once we have this contract in V2 the point of the video is how do we take this contract in V2 and automatically transfer it over to V3 well you can’t automatically do it but with a click of two or three buttons it can happen. This is the interesting part here so we want to go to accounting and scroll down to contracts so up to the header accounting contracts we are inj ust for clarity we are in version 2 V2 so we can see a new version of contracts is available try it out we don’t I repeat do not want to go there so for this example I’m only going to select one here and this is that awesome service here now if I wanted to convert all of them I can do them all at once for this example I’m going to go in and just grab our awesome service we just built out here and click on it and so actually this is just want to make sure grabbing the right one here it is so here is our test number one so we’re gonna go and pull that in and go interactions and convert installment plan so that is going to convert it and we’re gonna convert and that’s gonna suck that right off so you can see now it isn’t there so actually I did miss it so the contract conversion I’ll also pull that one in and hit actions convert installment plan so that now automatically swinging it over to V3. The next step that you want to take is go in a new version of the contract is available and we want to try it out so that’s going to swing you into V3 now the UI or the user interface is significantly different obviously I’m really like what SA has done here in the development team and support and everyone else who had a piece of this one heck of a job. Now we can see that it is in here and we can go in and take a look at that contract now in the version 3 area. It’s going to load in all the installments we didn’t have January everything as advertised is loaded in here now I’m not going to going this video how to build this out but that’s how we convert them but under advance actions we can go in and take a look at job notes attachments and view history here so that will allow us to go in and we can also go in and edit it that’s going to give you some granularity so start and end date bill in advance so everything is pretty similar it just looks a little bit cleaner and we’ve got the whole annual value. What is going to change in the next video when we talk about this is we can go in and add more granularity around these services and there are additional advanced options here as well but that is the process to take a V2 contract and convert it into now an installment plan in V3. Next video we’re going to be putting out is how to actually create the installment plan in V3 if you don’t have a contract in V2. Once again Service Autopilot here as a Certified Advisor to help you navigate the conversion from V2 to V3 so we’ll see you again on the next V3 video.