Going to go over today in a how-to video is how to enter prepayments in Service Autopilot’s new UI – user interface version 3. One of the things that we really liked about this update here in the way it is is it gives you the ability to do a prepayment general across the board so if they have multiple services such as home cleaning and lawn care under the same contract or in different services we have the ability to make a general prepayment on all services or a prepayment on a specific service. First I’m going to do is bump off screen here to show you how this actually looks in
Service Autopilot’s new V3 and if you’re joining us late this is going to go over how to add a prepayment in for general services all the services in the system so no matter what the services say we put a hundred dollar deposit down it would be applied to the first service done or we can do a prepayment say for fertilization and weed control or potentially maybe a deep-clean but not your weekly recurring clean in a cleaning business. First we want to do is in V3 here we’re going into accounting and we’re going into payments so what we’re gonna do is go in now in upper right hand corner were going to go in and add a payment now when we go and add a payment we’re gonna go in and search for the particular client. I’m gonna pull up Kevin here as our automation test and we’re gonna select our payment method here and I’m gonna say its cash and Kevin is going to pay us $100 deposit payment. Now under advanced options we can go in and put what account its to and is it a prepayment and I’m going to say yes it is a prepayment. Once we have it like this we would hit save what we’ve done is created a prepayment for any service so no matter the service that comes up first that hundred dollars will be applied to the first service that’s done. The next thing that’s traditionally is asks was well what if I just want to do a prepayment for my fertilization and we control and I offer maybe a discount if they prepay for the whole season but I want that prepayment only applied to the fertilizing throughout the whole entire season as each round happens so that’s perfect once we’re back on this accounting screen you click on the date next to Kevin test account here 5/13 that’s gonna pull up the payment again that we have here but you notice it looks a little bit different so on the left hand side of the screen we have edit and payment so if we click into prepayment we can go in and dial down into the specific services in this example we talked about fertilization and weed control so that would be our fertilization weed control and we would hit save and that would be our prepayment for all those services in the fertilization and weed control package. So now each time we did that prepayment would be applied to the rounds in the package of fertilization and not any service that happened first so that is the workflow for prepayments, then under advanced actions we have the ability to delete. V3 I really liked it, I like that granularity to apply prepayment to say all the services ordinal into the specific services as shown. Comments or questions let us know on the live or recorded version. Simple Growth coming out and going in and showing you how to build out the new training for V3 and check the comments here in the bottom of the video I’ll be posting shortly a link to all of our V3 videos and this video actually concludes the final video for the overall workflow and then Kevin and myself on my team have been making the detailed videos so we’ve got well over a hundred how-to videos of how to use V3 but not only are we showing you how to use it but what we like to do with Simple Growth is show you how to use the software features and functions in an actual workflow so we’re dialing in and teaching you how to use all the new methods in a streamlined workflow to buy time back and create predictable results so we’ll see on the next training video