Welcome to Callahan’s Corner, where you ask the questions we answer them live right here on facebook. We had a gentleman in a lawn care or landscape maintenance company, i believe in the southern market wanted to know how to set up a custom recurring schedule to handle weekly mowing and landscape maintenance during the summer months and then how to go every three to four weeks during the winter months and be able to dial that in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. What we’re going to do is dive into the gear icon master schedules and break this out for you. Callahan’s Corner right here where you ask the questions we answer them live on facebook, feel free to drop any of your questions in the live or recorded version and we will make sure we answer those for you live on facebook. As we dive into this here we’re going to go into Service Autopilot and we’re going to go into the gear icon and we’re going to start typing master so we’ve got our master schedules SA comes pre-defined built out with bi-weekly even and odd weeks as well as weekly Monday through Sunday so i’m going to go in and hop into the one that i already started building out before we had some technical difficulties here but actually second thought i’m going to actually go in and recreate a new one just you can see from front to back. Under add a schedule here we’ll type this in and then the question was how do we go in and create a recurring weekly schedule from April through the end of October and then in every three or four week through the winter for that southern market we’re still going out maintaining blowing things off and doing some trimming so the first thing we want to do is let’s say this is going to be a Monday schedule so we’re going to go in and if we start the first monday here i would start suggest starting this out where you actually start the weekly or bi-weekly mowing or landscape maintenance i’m going to go in and click the first Monday of the month by just hitting the m in each one so it’s a quick and simple process really. Now that we’re in here we’re going to go in and get up to october now this is where it gets interesting so I believe the gentleman asked for every three weeks or every four weeks gonna be the same process so you’ve got you’ve cut last year so one two three and then we would just go in and continue to add those Monday cuts. The reason why we didn’t start in January is because we don’t know how that’s going to roll in from the beginning of the year so we start where we go in and do the full schedule and then we go in and kickback around here so we’re gonna go back into our Monday so we’ve got another one, two, three cuts there one, two, three… one, two, three and one, two, three so that is going to give us an every three weeks over the winter in a weekly Monday cut going in  for theum schedule moving forward. Now what if this was a bi-weekly cut on a Monday even or odd weeks now you’re even and odds are going to parlay out and line up with this right here so that is gonna is an even number so that’s gonna signify in with an even week so let’s just say we’re doing Monday cuts only with even weeks bi-weekly so we would go in and de-select these odd weeks here in this here and that’s how we would create that bi-weekly odd week scenario actually i’m sorry even week scenario and we’re deselecting the odds right now and 22 24 and this is how we’re creating that bi-weekly even week scenario during the summer and then we’re going to every three or four weeks depending on what that scenario is on the existing november through december that we’ve just built out but i want to give you a proof of concept of how these can be built out and it only populates these dates now u when they’re actually showing on here so there’s no opportunity for miss scheduling because it’s going to follow the select dates you’ve already set . The idea is frame out what it should be go in and select the reoccurring summer schedule roll through november december january and february  maybe in most markets February, March is when you kick back into the regular weekly cutting but it’s going to give you the granularity to do your regular services and throughout the summer months and then go back to a smaller maintenance during the winter months. So that’s how we would go out in Service Autopilot and create a master recurring schedule for weekly or bi-weekly services through the summer and then less frequency in the winter so probably more particularly to our southern um friends or southwest marketsbutthere could be some services that may be applicable for bed maintenance and other things even in the northern market as well. Callahan’s Corner you ask the questions we answer them live right here on Facebook so if you haven’t checked out the Simple Growth SA Weekly Talk Show we’re coming at you at 12 centra 1 p.m eastern live on the Service Autopilot Facebook page and going to be releasing some information on it but we have syndicated and released the SA Weekly Talk Show  on podcast  so if you search on itunes, Spotify or any of the major hubs for podcasts Simplegrowth all one word it’s the Simple Growth podcast it’s the SA weekly talk show condensed into a podcast where you can watch or basically listen to the SA weekly talk show on the fly and learn from a lot of industry experts we have on there how to go out and outlearn your competition and dominate your local market . Whether we see you tomorrow on Callahan’s Corner where you ask the questions we answer live on Facebook, SA Weekly Talk Show live on Facebook on the Service Autopilot page or if you elect to download our podcast Simplegrowth on itunes, Spotify or any of the other major hubs we will see you there on one of those outlets. Once again Simple Growth thanks you for watching these videos and we’re here to help you out learn your competition while taking your life back from your business, so we’ll see you again tomorrow