As always at Callahan’s Corner people are submitting questions based on their CRM (customer relationship management) software. This one’s particular to service autopilot and in the cleaning industry to be specific, individual owns a cleaning company and was wanting to know before they import their client and lead list what are the essential custom fields that they should be using. If anybody’s unfamiliar with custom field is many CRM (customer relationship management) software’s have custom fields now custom fields can be broken down in a variety of different formats so they can be text, number, property specific, drop-down list and dates just the name of few. A lot of platforms will limit the amount of custom fields it can use in your CRM so make sure that based on your CRM that there is not a limit you choose these wisely specifically to the question asked here on Callahan’s Corner was based on Service Autopilot. To my knowledge here we’ve got several thousand custom fields in one test instance and we haven’t had a cap so I’m assuming there probably is not a limit to custom fields but in a regular business and not a test instance I don’t think you probably would hit that point. To answer the question of what would be the most successful custom fields in the cleaning industry we need to start right from the foundational part so as we go out in the home to do an estimate or we have a phone intake form there’s certain things that we want to be able to track. The first is in the cleaning industry that I would recommend is how many people are living in the home number of pets how many living area is that the actual folks are living in the area that needs to be cleaned and talking about the area that needs to be cleaned we want the livable or cleaned square footage of the home so that is going into your pricing matrix. The number of pets is going to be a number how many living areas is going to be a number number of people living there is going to be a number and the custom field for home square footage or the cleaning area square footage that we’re taking care of would also be a number so those are the basics coming in to set up the foundational part of the estimate in intake to qualify them. If you’re in Debbie Sardone‚Äôs cleaning business fundamentals or other known as CBF Debbie talks about the dirt code obviously the number of people living there the cleaning area and the the other areas that go into the dirt codes of the people pets and cleaning areas and probably the number of bathrooms is another custom field you want to track and along with that the number of bedrooms so those are all going to be numbered custom fields we’re taking in and qualifying that person. The next thing that we’re going into is probably entry instructions or anything that’s special to the particular instructions that would be a text custom field that you would want. Next thing that we’re looking at is any property specific or job specific things we wanted merge in the mobile or on the printed work order now those things in the cleaning industry to my experience aren’t going to be certain things like are there hardwood floors and if there is hardwood floors are we treating it with a product like bona or an equivalent are we bringing in certain cleaning supplies for a top-to-bottom post construction or a move in move out that’s different than a normal cleaning we would want specific custom fields to track those as well. Now we’ve got the information based on the home or apartment we’re doing so number of people number of pets living areas number of bedrooms bathrooms and the square footage of the cleaning area we’re gonna have some text custom fields based on the different rooms and the notes that are based on each area that we clean so it’s clear for the cleaner or cleaners to know exactly what they need to do and what they don’t need to do so they’re not calling the office in eating out that bandwidth there now those would be the probably that the most significant ones that I would recommend off the bat. If you are coming from another CRM you definitely want to take a look at any other things you have that are custom or centric but in addition if you are specifically as a question to ask here in Callahan’s Corner that you’re coming from another CRM and coming into Service Autopilot not only can custom fields go into clients but we have the ability to go into vendors and employees as well just to name a few so those are extra custom fields that you may want to bring into Service Autopilot with your cleaning company based on vendors and employees as well so those are some things that I would highly recommend you may have some other ones far as dates so maybe you’re doing an automation nurtured based around client anniversary or client birthdays things like that may be applicable, do they have a dog in the house those are certain notes is there certain things that we need the cleaners to know are we using green clean products are we using other cleaning products now with Covid19 are we using certain disinfectants in that home there’s there’s certain instructions to disinfect the doorknobs and the other high touched areas versus the normal areas that we may not be disinfecting so those are all custom fields you may not have from the other CRM but as you’re moving into the new norm of cleaning now with Covid 19 those are things that you may want to be able to tackle as well. If you have any other questions around custom fields in your CRM specifically Service Autopilot i’m happy to answer those in the live or recorded version but once again Callahan’s Corner you ask the questions we answer live right here on Facebook. We’ll see you again tomorrow afternoon