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In the Service Autopilot Facebook usergroup of the difference between man-hours or crew hours in budgeted man-hours on the job itself. What I want to do is dive into Service Autopilot actually break this down a little bit and the reason why Service Autopilot displays these numbers differently as your looking at it my opinion makes logical sense if you’re looking at all the crazy things that can happen in a lawn care home cleaning & pest control business on a day-to-day scheduling.  I’m gonna grab my other screen here and pop this up here but the idea here is that as we’re looking at this there is a bit of a discrepancy so what we’re going in and putting in a weekly recurring job whether it’s lawn mowing home cleaning pest control the question was around this area here so as you look at upcoming lawn mowing here is $55 and it is budgeted there’s two different jobs here but we have one budgeted for two hours in one hour and then why is the different area here under this area based on the actual crew hours so this is the budgeted hours and these are the crew hours. Well there’s two distinct reasons why so what you’re going to do is put in the budgeted hours here on this job for two hours and why is it only showing one here what we’re budgeting this as if there’s only one person so always when we’re using Service Autopilot we go out to put the budgeted time for a job we want to assume there’s only one person on the crew now obviously it’s gonna let you know what the defined crew size is but the system is built in a way at least in my interpretation would be as it’s built in a way for the fluctuations of a service business with our labor so whether we’ve got a lot of work backed up with a rain day or maybe in the home cleaning industry we’re doing a top-to-bottom deluxe and we need two or three solo crews coming in to knock out that cleaning job because it’s a large one it’s gonna give you that flexibility. Your history is the actual man-hours total for the crew; the upcoming is the total man hours if there was only one person and it was a two-person crew; you take that two hours down by two. When you go in and look at this if you’re on The Dispatch board this is where it kind of makes sense so in the closeout day screen I’ve got my start and stop times we’re looking at itin the budgeted time but if I went out to the dispatch board or even on the closeout days screen but assuming it would be on the dispatch board what happens if we have an employee doesn’t show up or like I said maybe we’re backed up with rain or maybe we have a top-to-bottom deluxe in the cleaning history we’ve got three solos going one to one crew for that day the cool part about Service Autopilot at least in my opinion is and it gave us huge flexibility of my service business in the lawn care industry we can go into the more tab and hit assign teams and what this does it pulls in the default crew settings so if we are under team teams this is where we set up our crews and we’d go in and add a team and there’s some certain things you’d want so you’d see if the name team code tags we set the color up we’d want the starting addresses is where maps pro and the optimizations optimized off but if Igo into team assignments and add the assignments here that is going to be the resources automatically defaulted so if we had a three-person mowing crew Christine myself and Chad were on this mowing crew well what happens if Chad wasn’t able to make it into work today so we could take Chat off and then manipulate this crew down to a two-person crew so when you schedule a job it doesn’t know how many people are gonna be on that crew now it knows default we had three but if Chad can’t make it maybe that’s an issue or what if Chad is on here as default but we needed to take this other person over here as a fourth person for maybe the first time we did the job to help get it into shape before we actually maintained it whether it’s lawn care or home cleaning so what it’s gonna do is take those total budgeted hours on the job and divide by the actual crew members that are actually on the job for the day. So the question is why does that job come out that way and what’s the difference between the crew hours and the budgeted man-hours and if I go in and grab this job again here I’ll show you what that looks like again really quickly. Whether in V2 or V3 we have all the new upcoming jobs but we want to be able to see what that is far as the total hours and then based on the crew size that’s gonna optimize that so that is what we’re looking at here those budgeted hours those two budgeted hours are two man-hours for the jobs I don’t care if you have four people or two people two people once they’re assigned would knock that down the one or he had four that would drop that down two hours divided by four obviously it would be about thirty minutes but the ideas that gives you the ability to add or contract on those crews and we know what the budgeted total man hours are for the job in particularly without based on the size of the crew. That’s one of the biggest things when we lookinto Service Autopilot setup our services under the gear icon that most people when we work with them and Service Autopilot have a lot of questions around they’re like well Mike I’m running a two-man crew or a three-man crew like well unfortunately that really doesn’t matter because what we’re looking at here when we go in and add a service is we want to set the service mode probably to per unit and when we go to the rate matrix we’re gonna go to quantity rate times visits and we’re gonna base it on custom field of like lawn mowing square footage and we may say from one to five thousand square feet I’m charging forty five bucks to cut it mow blow an edge. Now the budgeted hours this is where the biggest question comes in now if you’re charging 45 bucks pulled me an hour and you’ve budgeted and he’s gonna say it’s gonna take one hour so 45 bucks that’s one hour and then the cost is your break-even but that one hour now if it’s a two-person crew gets sucked down to one half hour or basically 0.5 budgeted man-hours. When you’re building your services out it doesn’t matter depending on the size of the crew because your crews size may shift throughout the year or a year two years so the system is gonna allow you to set up the service so it’s evergreen it lasts the same forever until you change your price or the production and then as you evolve with different crews the system does the math for you behind the scenes so it’s really a streamlined process and I think it’s a great way that SA has this set up. The question was what’s the difference with budgeted man hours and the crew man hours on the actual job tab itself the budgeted man-hours is based on what you’ve budgeted here the crew man-hours it are the historical times it actually took that crew so if it was a half hour for two people to do it would be one actual crew hour to produce that labor so comments or questions dropping below but Callahan’s Corner you asked the questions we have to live right here on Facebook