Video Transcript

It would be extremely obvious right out of the gate if we send an estimate to the client and they accept online and click accept that process is one. Now if the person is a lead in the system and they have an estimate but you’ve called and actually physically followed up and answer the phone and got them to accept on the original call or a subsequent follow-up call then that process is going to be a little bit different so this video is gonna be highlighting on that obviously they accept online they’ve been accepted the actual estimate but when they do that we still need to convert that lead into a client. As a quick review here once I open this up I’m going to go over the different visual clues of a lead in a client in new version 3 so right here this area where it is orange where it says lead is our area where this is our visual clue that the person’s a lead and not activists it says active there are clients so under past visits future visits transactions if I click estimates for future visits here it pulls up the historical estimate so I’m gonna click an estimate we’ve already done here on one of the videos and go through the process. Whether we’re creating the estimate on the fly here going through the smart maps or the on-site estimate form we’ve got a quote for lawn mowing of thirty eight dollars and nine cents so if the consumer does not accept the estimate live online we need to go to quote and mark that click it once to one you’ll notice the stage here is always updated once you click that to one we want to scroll down and save and close and then we’re gonna go back to the account screen here and now that we actually have this person has a leave as you can see here we need to go in and convert that lead into a clients whether they accepted online and we just physically accepted that estimate we need to go into advanced actions here on the far left click on that and we’re going to go in and convert that lead once we click on that that’s gonna open up some other dialog in the edit account screen so if you’re using the automated process Simple Growth form intake form that basically takes your service address and automatically populates it into the billing address this step will be a little bit smoother otherwise it’s going to come up with some red areas that need to be filled out in order to make them become a lead so property name I’m just going to put the test information here billing information you click on it on the left here so you can kind of see where it has that little red dot there you want to be able to go in there and see that so I’m just gonna for time to here in the video just copy and paste test in there I’m good there then in voice preferences nothing was set so we’re gonna go in name an invoice test so once we have that we will be able to go in and save it and then this will convert that lead into a client. A quick review is we need to go in on the estimate market as won save it it’s going to change the status from sent to won then we need to go back whether we they accept it online or we win it over the phone we need to go back and go under the advanced options here open this up and if there be the option there convert the lead into a client and now you can see as we go in the account overview the status is active so that’s our visual clue that this person is a client and not a lead anymore so that is the workflow of a one estimate and then converting that lead into a client if they’re already a client and we just need to go physically into that estimate the market is won and save and close