Video Transcript

This video is going to go over how to close out a loss estimate in the system, so when you send an estimate in Service Autopilot the client cannot automatically mark off a complete estimate as lost there are some physical steps that need to be taken by you or your office. I’m gonna pop the screen out here and show you how to actually do that so right here is our new V3 screening Service Autopilot so predominantly what you would do is go in the workflow once you have them in here and click add an estimate the estimate screen pops up here and I’ve grabbed a template already pre-built for speed and efficiency here in this video and let’s just say lawn mowing we say have our parent and child service for thirty eight dollars and nine cents for the mowing so if we called the client or quoting it we’d hit draft to quote so this would be a live estimate now. The next step would be if we lost the actual service or the complete estimate, someone in your office should physically come back in and click quote two won and then two lost. Now you can see the estimate here is marked to lost and we want to confirm the stage there is also marked to lost and once it’s lost and lost we would go in and hit save and close now once we’ve done that we’re gonna come back to the main lead screen we know it’s a lead based on this area right here under status when it is a client it says active. Next thing we need to do is under advanced actions here on the left we want to click on that go down and mark as lost once we click that this is going to close out that lead in the system so that will give us a clean database so it clear data of how many people are in our sales pipeline that could convert into a client and how many people basically are a lost lead we can continue to market them nurture them and upsell them and hopefully convert them into a client or lead in the future but for database hygiene we’re recommending you go in and mark it as lost and if you’ve missed it it is on the left hand column here under advanced actions mark as lost cancellation reasons these are under the gear icon and under cancellation reasons we have reasons why people cancel their services or a lost lead cancellation reason and we’re going to say that maybe we were too expensive or maybe they side with our competitor we would hit save and that is going to go in and mark that once again that area here has lost the lead so that is your visual clue as you’re driving in through the system and when we acts out of this here we go to the gear icon we will have that slash through it as well so to see the visual representation of that lost lead or canceled client on the Avatar so that’s how we’d handle a loss estimate in Service Autopilot for someone who isn’t buying any services we want to go under advanced actions on that lead or account screen and close out that lead so we can clean our database and have a clear picture of how many people we have active in our sales pipeline that could convert into an existing client