Video Transcript:

Things are crazy right now with this Covid19, something obviously to be taken very seriously we need as a business owners and employees need to go out and be able to protect our brand and our business as well as our team and our staff . One of the biggest things right now is essential businesses and what does that mean where does my business fall a lot of things going on so I’m gonna hit this from the lawn care in cleaning industries perspective and it’s somewhat the same unfortunately our friends of the cleaning industry are taking a wider or heavier hit right now they are mostly deemed essential but on the flip side of that most people do not want these cleaners going inside their house with social distancing so the main problem there is people are canceling services or suspending services with these folks because they don’t want the cleaners in the house. Now there’s another I guess another approach or I guess another issue there is some cleaning folks are willingly suspending their services based on the number of cancellations or their fear for the health of their staff. Now in the lawn care industry something very similar is the on the flip side of that is a lot of lawn care companies not being essential depending where you’re at especially in New York State where you actually have to submit an electronic basically permission to get approved as essential so you actually have documentation and the sheriff in NewYork has doubled or tripled their presence when I understand to actually enforce the essential work force so a lot of things going on here but what the video is just to put some context here on it is whether you’ve been deemed essential or not whether you’ve elected to work or not the key here is we need to double down on our content and it’s one relatively simple play. Now I know a lot of people don’t like to get in front of the video camera and talk but we can do it in written text as well but what I’m suggesting as the business owner is what you really need to do is highlight what you do as a professional when you provide these services and literally not just on a high level I’m talking details so I’m gonna give you a perfect example the home cleaning company that cleans my home here has suspended services so Sunday that I went out and I was following the same process and procedure as close as I could to do our weekly cleaning in the house so I started literally from the top of the house and was working down it was in the master bathroom and I was literally going from right to left from top to bottom and doing the general maintenance clean that the cleaner would do and I Will tell you working closely being in the cleaning industry now there are things that the general public a doesn’t realize you do and B they don’t understand the process and procedure that you do each and every time so whether it’s lawn care or home cleaning what I’m suggesting right now is grab a pen grab some paper or make a little mind dump in a Google Doc but literally list from when you pull up to the driveway or the curb list all the things that you are doing systematically with basic instructions and if the homeowner can’t afford to have you they elect not to have you or you’ve suspended your services or the government said you know what you’re not essential this is the first step of many steps gonna breakdown but as a homeowner conceptually going in to clean the house yesterday step by step the way the cleaner was doing it there was a reassurance of perceived value and value that they give. If the homeowners going in and they’re just going through willy-nilly and cleaning the house or cutting the lawn or doing the landscape maintenance they’re not going to follow the steps as a professional but what we can do is help them and provide value and reassure them that we’re here to help them even if we can’t physically help them at their home or commercial property. What I’m highly suggesting doing is make a mind dump sequentially of everything you do for the service and send it to them you may even want to build some kind of automation around it so if you did a weekly cleaning or a weekly mowing on Monday the day before maybe you’re sending a brief automation highlighting the steps of the service so they know each and every time hey this is one we would have been there and these are the steps that we’d be talking now if you do have some time on your hands and not a lot of us do but if you do the interesting thing would be is if you could take this and start building some of your own internal training if you haven’t so you’re killing two birds with one stone so we’ve got our internal document for training and our external how to do as a professional document for our clients right now but if I had seen something like that that would have been a huge huge value game for me knowing the steps to take to properly clean the home on a weekly maintenance same thing as a landscape maintenance on the outside but it was something that resonated with me this weekend so I thought I’d share it. So I would suggest today if you have some time outline the service that you’re providing or would have been providing and whether you’re still doing it you’re not doing it reinforce the value and how you’re buying time back for them and if they need to do it themselves or even if you’re still doing you show them exactly what the steps that are to be taking to reassure the value and why it’s important and why they need to continue to have that service. Comments or questions drop below but the thought today just one simple way is continue your communication it needs to be addressed how we’re handling this how we’re creating social distancing for our crews and our crews and our the general public or our clients and then potentially sending a one-page hit list of all the steps for that service that should be being performed if you’re not doing it if you are performing it list all the steps you’re talking to reinforce the value so they continue to use your services and they see the value in it. Comments or questions drop them below but I just think this is just something important that we need to be out there and continually communicating. If you haven’t done it yet a lot of companies that we’ve been working with have taken it upon themselves after our video last week to make a personal video from the owner something like this and literally address your client base and talk about what’s going on and put a face to it and put some emotion to it so there’s an emotional connection that’s gonna help you retain these clients and when they talk to their families and friend over social media or over the phone they are gonna be more apt to go out and reach out to a client or a company that’s doing this kind of communicate and standing behind it helping their client base. Comments or questions drop them below hopefully it was helpful tip today is make a list of the service you’re providing send it out to the client with detailed instructions how to do it create that perceived value and reinforce what you’re doing and if you for some reason have elected to pull out of that or can’t do it yourself the client now has step-by-step instructions how to actually do the service themselves as a professional so when it’s time for you to come back in and restart that service they’re still thinking of you and you’re top of mind they’re not gonna go shop you for another competitor. So hopefully it was helpful and drop some comments down below are you going to go out and send this list to your clients how to do the service themselves or reinforce what you’re doing to create that higher perceived value I’d love to see if anybody is up gonna take this on their homework checklist for today or to-do list and and get this out and be a quickstart and get that out there so take a look at it later today we’re gonna be doing Callahan’s Corner as well with high low price ranging how to build that out and service autopilot as well