Video Transcript:

A lot of these things have not changed from pre COVID19 days but a lot of people now are working in remote offices and the game has changed it doesn’t feel comfortable so the thing that I’m Talking about today is the three things you need to be doing in your office whether you have a remote office staff now or an in-person office staff and I can speak to this very candidly because being an absentee owner at Callahan’s Lawn Care my lawn care company and now having a remote company that’s completely remote with all remote workers at Simple Growth there’s certain keys to success that we’ve learned along the way some that we were lucky enough to get others honestly we fail that miserably and we had to refine and define a system for success and accountability throughout the staff so whether you’re team is working remotely right now this is new for you or you’re looking to create a remote office with a virtual assistant such as pink collars or your kind of back in the normaland you haven’t had social distance in with your office as well these are the three main things that we need to be talking about on a consistent and regular basis. The first one is a weekly rhythm meeting in the first weekly rhythm is going to be a daily meeting a potentially every morning so our first weekly meeting rhythm is daily so it’s the key stakeholders so your office staff your production managers maybe your head crew leaders whatever those are we need to have a key stakeholder meeting we call it a Monday huddle it’s a standing meeting and you want to have some fun with it so but basically it’s gonna be the top three things that are driving the business we need to talk about those in the quick meeting so if there’s three or four people it’s three to maybe five minutes each person kind of presenting what’s going on from the previous day what’s going on today and what’s going on for the week we need to have that communication so the first one is a daily key holder stakeholders meeting one company that I saw have some fun with this was actually Infusionsoft based in Arizona but if you were late for this the key stakeholders meeting they actually made you wear a pink or rainbow tutu during the meeting so it’s important to be on time to be prepared on so they had a little fun with that so a cool little idea you may want to borrow but the first of the three key things need to be doing for remote or in person office is the key stakeholders meeting every morning very quickly before the team starts the day so we’re talking about what happened yesterday what’s going on today and what’s going on for the weeks we have clarity of what’s going on. The next one is going to be your production staff so this is something it’s Simple Growth every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. I meet with my production staff people building and training and supporting the automations and we literally have three main things that are driving customer success in what we deem is success we have each person talked about their big three where is it going so where they’ve been where they’re at and where we’re going and what are those three things that are driving success and we have especially with the remote office it forces us to communicate on any issues or possible things that could be positive that we can capitalize on so you’re gonna have your first meeting for weekly stakeholders each each day so your key stakeholders each morning before everybody gets there the next second meeting is your production staff once again quick 15 minute standing meeting whether it’s remote or in person so our standing meetings are obviously remote but we’ve capped them around 10 to 15 minutes they’re in and out boom boom boom we get we know what’s going on and we’re tackling it for the week so we’ve got our daily meeting for the stakeholders we’ve got our production staff meeting. The third one is gonna be administrative and financial so those are gonna be the folks doing your billing or job costing the office corestaff and we’re gonna meet with those traditionally in my company on Tuesdays At 9:00 a.m. so I get Christine and Tami how to go to meeting or zoom just like this and we talk about it and there’s literally three to four things each one of them report out on that they’re responsible for that are driving success for the company moving forward. Tami is talking about budget verse actual payroll overtime things around payroll over time that she’s handling she’s also talking about past due accounts so how many people are first warning second warning are being paused and a couple of the other key ingredients that we look at far isn’t billing is there any questions we tackle those billing questions but they haven’t been resolved the week on meaning so all the key stakeholders are rounding billing and office procedures far as a customer service in the accountant in myself are all on that call so we can address them in real time quickly so all the key decision-makers are there and we just pumped through that questions checklist because when you work remotely sometimes there’s different times of flex work that aren’t allowing instant communication so it’s important to get your team together on this virtual stand-up meeting or in person to address any billing issues every six or seven days we do that on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. now Christine in the office is our customer success coach so she’s dealing with answering the phones and all the things that come in triaging it to quality control or support something we did at the lawn care company but the idea is now Christine is gonna report out on customer count how many new leads came in how many people converted into clients how many cancellations and then her and Tami are comparing notes on accounts receivable paused and warnings so now all the knowledge is disseminated throughout the organization so that is going to be your key three. There’s a fourth I’m gonna throw in there which is which is interesting as well um but we would goin so daily we have key stakeholders meetings before the jobs for the day start second is going to be production and managers once a week for about 15 minutes and then the second or the third is actually going to be your office staff your admin our customer support as well as financial now as the company evolves and gets large and you have a leadership team what I’m gonna recommend at least the way we do it is every Monday Wednesday and Friday at eleveno’clock we have a standing one-hour meeting via go-to meeting your zoom and we go in and have an agenda for Monday Wednesday and Friday so that is driving a set topic that is gonna start going into our quarterly goals and our annual goals so if you’re looking at EOS for that book Jena Whitman traction they talk about having these quarterly rocks these goals are for driving through so with these three meetings Monday Wednesday and Friday with the leadership team have distinct topics that need to be handled now we can talk about fires and things that popped up but the idea is we have a set topic and agenda that needs to be accomplished each week every Monday Wednesday and Friday and we’re driving towards those quarterly goals. Comments or questions drop below but this new kind of remote workforce is going on I thought it would be advantageous to break down the meetings in the meeting rhythms that we’ve used in both my companies for pretty good success. Quick recap daily key stakeholders meetings we do them at 8:00 a.m. but basically any time before the crews get out so we’re gonna go out and have our stakeholders meeting probably lawn care home clean it’s probably 6:30 7:00 a.m. in the morning but that’s just a quick standing meeting with the key stakeholders or remote the next one is once a week we go through our production manners quick 15-minute meeting on Mondays we’re talking about last weekthis week and what’s going on are the followings rejecting the next one’s on Tuesdays where I meet with my office and financial people so I’ve got my accounts receivable billing and I have my customer success coach then handles customer intake and manages any complaints or estimate requests so we written those stats as well and far as new client acquisition new leads closing ratios any cancellation so we got a clearer picture where we’re at where we’re going and where we’ve been so financial and customer set and then the third one or actually the fourth one is when your company gets a little bit larger and you have a leadership team we break out a Monday Wednesday and Friday key stakeholders meeting or leadership team basically that includes the stakeholders but that’s gonna be our core team leadership team Monday Wednesday and Friday with defined topics and scheduling of those meetings so we know what we’re doing already and we have some things of each persons responsible to bring to that meeting and that’s gonna help us drive those quarterly goals which drive our yearly goals which hopefully pull right into your BHAG are big hairy audacious goal we’re gonna go out and crush and dominate. Comments or questions drop them below but I thought it was really important to break down weekly rhythm meeting for key stakeholders your office financial and production managers and then once your company gets large enough you have a leadership team Monday Wednesday Friday we have those leadership meetings if you don’t have a leadership team yet it’s probably cooled in an hour a week for each day Monday Wednesday and Friday and if you are the leadership team just by yourself block the timeout for strategic planning and start building those things that you’d be building with a leadership team on because right now we’re probably wearing a lot of hats a lot of companies but as you build that leadership team now you’ve got a weekly rhythm that you’re used to and it’s not awkward trying to plug that in your schedule so a lot of value there so comments questions dropping below live or recorded and hopefully this was helpful