Video Transcript:

Hey Mike Callahan here wanted to make a quick video a lot of questions right now in this spring time how many times should I be sending out my marketing documents and when should I start. Well each part of the country is obviously different with the seasonality but I’ve got some quick rule of thumb here things that have worked well in my business as far as when to start your marketing campaign in the spring for a lawn care company as well as how frequent and I’m gonna break this down and obviously the frequency is gonna depend on your budget so I’m gonna give you a couple different best practices as we scaled our marketing budget in my company. First thing when should I start marketing, well ideally if you can you want to go out probably three to four weeks before the first weed pops up and the grass start turning green and the birds start chirping reason is we want to start brand awareness we want to be in front of the people in different types of marketing copy which I’m gonna get into in a minute but about a month to a month and a half before the first weeds pop and the grass starts growing if you have the budget for it and the reason is we want brand awareness because people are going to need to see your ad two three four times before they start to actually engage with it and recognize it. If you have the budget I’m rocketing between a month – a month and a half before the season starts and we’re gonna be dropping to the same exact address and addresses the potential clients every week for potentially nine weeks. Now if you have a marketing budget for nine to twelve weeks that’s probably the best results that we’ve seen and we’re gonna be starting out a month to a month and a half for those first weeds pop and the grass is there that’s spring urgency know if you don’t have the budget to go out 9 to 12 weeks consecutively for the same people what I’m recommending is figure out when the weeds first start to pop or the grass starts to turn green and there’s that absolute chaos when your phone just absolutely blow up overnight and it’s impossible to even answer the phone as quick as it’s ringing so figure out what that looks like this season if it hasn’t happened if it has happened jump on it now but you want to drop those marketing copies whether it’s hard copy print or Facebook right when those first weeds pop and that pain points there and people are looking for that that band-aid you’ve got it so ideally if you’ve got the marketing budget for 9 to 12 weeks I recommend about a month to month and a half for the season warms up and start dropping it on them. Now obviously there’s a little bit different in the Northeast versus some of the other markets in the country so you know you got to use the judgment in your market but if we can go out amongst three different types of marketing campaigns it doesn’t matter for its Flyers Facebook whatever that is what we found is the alternating medium that we use it in in the copy so the first one is long copy text that Dan Kennedy styles if you’ve ever heard of Dan Kennedy recommend Googling tht gentlemen he is the founder of written marketing copy but his long text speaks to a buying way a buying habit away people to buy they’re there educating them through that long copy the other one is going to be ballpark pricing and the biggest objection is well if I put ballpark pricing on a flyer my competitors are going to know what I’m charging let’s be honest everybody watching this video if you’re not living under a rock you have a ballpark idea what your competitors are charging so I’m gonna address that upfront don’t worry about your competitors that are taking money out of your pocket let’s worry about your potential customers that are going to be put money in your pocket so we’ve got long copy text is the first one second one the following week is going to be some copy with ballpark pricing on it and addressing what the price of your services are what’s included what’s in overcoming some of the sales and price objections the third type of copy is going to be differentiation with a satisfaction guarantee and addressing the ugliness of our industry the perceived misconceptions are actually really true conceptions if we don’t return phone calls some people don’t have insurance they don’t show up when they’re gonna show up all the different things that our industry has a black eye for we want to address those upfront and be absolutely different so if you’re going out to blow up that spring rush right now a month to a month and a half in between if you’re in the upstate NewYork or Northeast area that St. Patty’s Day week is usually the best week to get going and that gives you that play all the way up through Memorial Day we’re gonna hit them every week. Southern market Southwest markets are obviously a little bit different than already starting to get going but the idea is if you have the budget 9 to 12 weeks consistently to the same exact people if you don’t have the budget we want to start one of the first weeds pop and the grass is starting to grow three different targets and types of marketing copy whether it’s printed or if it’s on Facebook or online media you’re gonna run these all at the same time in an ad set so you have three different ads under one budget basically with oneaudience it’s geo-targeting year your service area but they are going to be your Dan Kennedy a long style copy they’re gonna be your prices on the flyer ballpark with what’s included what’s not included and then the third one is going to be differentiation and addressing the ugliness of the Chuck the truck mentality of lawn care and why you’re different and how you guarantee you’re working you stand behind it so those three different types of marketing copier and apply to three different types of buyers and then you definitely need in my opinion a systematic way to follow up and each and every estimate for twenty days we call this process Twenty Days to Close and we eventually automated it but we want to be able to follow up by the each and every estimate in this process here and as we’re following up on each and every estimate we want to be able to do it through phone calls emails and tax once again you’re starting to see there’s three different mediums that we’re following up on so if they’re only following up the email or taxed or phone call you’re not doing it so five or more touches closes 80% of the sales so we need to come to the table with multiple different mediums to follow up on these estimates. We’re dropping our marketing when that first weed pops the grass pops whatever that is if our budget is not gonna allow us to go out a little bit farther if our budget allows it let’s go out about a month to a month and a half and just every week hiit the same exact people with nine to twelve rotating versions of the marketing copy this frequency is gonna drive brand awareness and then when the pain hits they’re gonna call you because you’re right there in your top of frame of mine if there’s an early adopter that early adopter is gonna get you jump on your competition. If you’re in the Northeast where we do have some snow it’s not uncommon and I have seen it between forty to a hundred thousand dollars in a marketing budget literally wasted in a weekend you drop all your marketing you drop forty thousand dollars or in some cases I’ve seen a hundred thousand dollars in one massive marketing drop for every door direct mailing for postcards and the next day it snows and it’s completely wasted so what I’m recommending is no matter where you are in the country don’t fall victim to some of the things that I’ve seen in mymark and other Northeast markets is if you put all your eggs in one basket and go for one big blast of marketing across your whole entire area that’s like Russian Roulette don’t do it because the problem is whether it’s raining or it’s snowing it’s just not sunny out psychologically these buyers might not be ready so we need to spread out the risk and go and market over a wider timespan so I’d rather see you hit 10,000 people four times then 40,000 people once so figure out what your budget is and hammer down on it consistently at least three to five times, in my market we were going between nine and twelve times and that’s what’s gonna drive that consistency and get that phone to ring and the biggest mistake after that is a not answering the phone and B not having automated or at least a process with accountability to follow up on each and every estimate because the biggest thing I hear on these Facebook groups is oh I can’t I can’t grow my business because I’ve got low ball or competition and I’m The cheapest guys and they’re winning all the work I’ll be honest to do yes that happens but I think what the biggest problem is and I thought that in the early days and I couldn’t get out of my own way is the people that were winning the lion’s share of the word weren’t the cheapest in town they were actually probably the most expensive after we figured out what they were charging through some competitive analysis but what they were doing and they were doing consistently is following up on each estimate five or more times so if you’re not doing that which I’m guessing a lot of people are not because I wasn’t in the early days you’re leaving eighty percent of the sales of your market on the table so if your competitor down the street is crushing you and you think it’s do the low prices think again my guess is if they’re successful they’ve been around for awhile they’re following up consist of each and every estimate so marketing timing yes in frequency after you make that investment answer your phones which seems completely obvious return the estimate requests off your website statistically right now eighty-five percent of all forms or estimate requests filled out on a website in the service industry right now are not being answered so it’s not only enough to go out and do that but we also need to go out and take care of that . Any comments questions drop below we’ll talk to you soon