Video Transcript:
Hey Mike Callahan here want to make a quick video really excited just wrapping up my date today at the office with getting just amazing amount of content put together for this week’s event this Thursday in Savannah Georgia with Debbie Sardone. We’re doing a one-day boot camp tackling technology and sales so really excited to see everybody down in Savannah Georgia this week for QDS quality driven software with Martha Woodward’s conference the day before this Thursday. Debbie Sardone and I are gonna be doing a one-day boot camp where I’m going in talking about automation, conversational marketing everything that’s new that’s cutting and bleeding edge in technology and then Debbie’s Coming in and following out the sales process thats helped her grow just one of the most amazing businesses out in Lewisville Texas in the cleaning industry. No matter the industry looking forward to seeing everybody at QDS the day before this week with Debbie Sardone but on top of that huge announcement., want to say what’s up to Krista as well but huge announcement coming up March 9th and 10th everybody’s been asking for it the last two years we haven’t had the time or ability to do it we’ve actually carved out two days in the beginning of March- March 9th and 10th the Simple Growth two day implementer event 16 – 17 hours of content given to you over a live webinars take a look next on the next day or two probably tomorrow during my travel out to Savannah we’re gonna be posting some videos about it and some information . If you’ve ever wanted to come to the New York implement event the Tampa implementer event or the one-day implementer event we did before SA6 you now can join us live from the comfort of your home or office and have your whole entire team join via computer or screening the office. As an added bonus we’ve actually figured out how to record the live event and if you go in and sign up for the two-day implementer event you’re gonna be able to have up to six months access to 16 to 17 hours of literally Simple Growth teachings how to setup simple Service Autopilot literally from lead acquisition to price matrices services estimating grids templates everything that needs to be in an estimate your proper workflow from winning and losing an estimate scheduling routing billing and everything more to do with Service Autopilot proper setup. If that wasn’t enough hopefully live here in a little bit in the next few days when we announce the actual sign up. Drop a comment in the video here live or recorded if you want to be alerted when we put that sign up there’s gonna be a limited amount of people that we allow to sign up to get the recorded version of it but it’s gonna be an added bonus for our existing customer base when we release this out . We’ll see you again later this week Thursday from 9 to 5p.m. at the Brice hotel if you signed up for the one-day boot camp with Debbie Sardone Mike Callahan and Chad from the Simple Growth team then we’ll be hanging out at QDS all week and literally answering questions around how to set up Service Autopilot automations and all things messenger and Facebook bots so hopefully see in Savanna if not I want to see you live on the Simple Growth 2-day implementer event March 9th and 10th coming live from upstate New Yorkin your office or home we’ll see you there