Video Transcript:
Mike Callahan making a quick video in the airport right now on my way to Savannah Georgia for the Quality Driven Software conference and the one-day bootcamp with Debbie Sardone and Mike Callahan going over sales marketing and automations and everything cutting edge in your sales and marketing system. One of the questions I always get is what is the biggest mistake that service business owners are making whether it’s lawn care, home cleaning, pest control, pool service you name it business owners in general . My answer to that is they stop learning and networking and getting outside of their comfort area. One of the keys to success and a lot of the people in my ecosystem that I respect greatly is that there is a constant thirst for knowledge and a constant thirst for innovation so when we stop learning we stop driving and innovating our businesses will die so the three takeaways today is never stop growing your business because as soon as you stop growing your business you lose the thirst and drive to learn and innovate and dominate your market. One of the key success in my lawn care company over the last 25 years I think has been really my ability to get outside of my comfort zone get outside of my area of upstate New York as soon as I started working with other like-minded individuals and got away from the self-imposed perceptions and the public’s perception of a service business of the Chuck in a truck per se with the guy or girl at a truck, lawnmower broke down, weed wacker and just not returning phone calls not providing good service no insurance those perceived and imposed perceptions on the service industry can definitely start making a business owner think that that’s literally what their industry is all about but I will tell you the service industry right now is rich in merger and acquisition the reason it is is because there’s a lot of individuals out there right now driving and pushing the envelope and how they’re doing is they’re getting out of their markets they’re going conferences like QDS or SA6 or SA7 next year or even different industry events so there’s a lot of guys and girls in the lawn care industry going in QTS which is predominantly a home cleaning conference but the thing is I’ve taken more away from some of the cleaning conferences or other non industry-specific conferences from the industry I’m in because their perspective is a little bit different focused and forced me to look at things just a little bit different in those little fine-tuning ways to the way I do business have been instrumental. The challenge today is don’t make the biggest mistake that most business owners make continue to grow your business continue to thrive and by doing that it’s going to force you to go out and get an education to out learn your competition be the innovator and see what the market is going so very similar to Wayne Gretzky’s analogy he was going to be where the puck is going to be not where it is right now so he wanted to be where the puck is gonna be not where it is. The biggest mistakes don’t be like the other people in your market get out of your market go out buy an education out learn your competition and adopt new technology and see where that shift is going to be and set yourself up for success by getting out of your market and hanging out with industry leaders like Debbie Sardone or Jonathan Potoschnik of The Lawn Care Millionaire and these folks have that knowledge and that drive as well as myself we’re gonna be out here in San Diego or I mean Savannah Georgia tomorrow for a full day boot camp literally teaching cutting edge and bleeding at technology how to go out and out learn and out adopt your competition so I want to say what’s up to Jennifer from The Bot Team what’s up she is a mover and shaker in the technology field as well I want to say what’s up – Keith but biggest mistake I think that most business owners can make right now is not going out and getting an education getting outside of the market and getting uncomfortable and when you get uncomfortable it forces you to change and it forces you to adopt these new technologies and when you do such you’re the disruptor in your market and when you disrupt your market your business will grow exponentially and if you do it right in my opinion automated you can start buying that time back for your from your friends but for the business to spend more time with your friends and family and build a lifestyle that you actually want and desires. Get out there outlearn your competition want to say what’s up there Adrian as well buddy hit me up I know you want out learn and I’ll grow your competition so we definitely need to hook up and get some things rolling for your brother but Adrian’s just shaking it up in upstate New York market as well he’s a mover and shaker get out there out learn your competition adopt new technology get outside of your comfort zone and when you stop growing your business it starts to die because it doesn’t force you to learn and it doesn’t force you to adopt new technology to be successful comments questions drop below I’m on a plane and I will see everyone in Savannah Georgia One day boot camp with Debbie Sardone Mike Callahan and QDS quality driven software than Martha Woodward and she’s a lady who’s definitely shaking it up in the service industry