Video Transcript:

Biggest key to success when we actually figured out our and defined our service offering so with working well over five with five or six hundred contractors here in just the last probably year, year and a half it seems to be a common question or I might even phrase it as an issue . My answer the question is what should a young or new lawn care company focus on adding new services and I’m gonna frame this as in addition what should establish company look at adding a service as well is the idea is we want to create a course that’s focused on two maybe three services these going to be our gateway services and these gateway services predominantly in a lawn care industry are going to be lawn mowing and fertilization and basically the idea is to sell these gateway services over the phone there is a need for basically speed and implementation to sell your services now the new buyer does not want to wait for you to drive out to their house and do an in-person estimate now obviously that’s needed for some services so the idea is grab a cor gateway service two or three lawn mowing fertilization maybe aeration and overseeding something can be sold over the phone via satellite now sometimes the satellite imagery isn’t perfect but at least it’s gonna take them off the market and stop shopping they’ve bought adjust that price but nine times out often that satellite imagery is is close enough to base a price on. What we’re gonna do is create a core offering of gateway services we sell over the phone that can be sold quickly and then where we add our services is our ancillary upsell so this in most industries is called expansion in lawn care most service industries we consider and call this an upsell but the idea is to sell your gateway services that you can sell over the phone close the sale within twenty to thirty days we go out and add additional services. Now the additional services in my opinion are interesting because you really want to go out and pick some additional services that can be performed at the same time while you’re already at the property if possible so maybe it’s landscape bed maintenance maybe its perimeter pest maybe it’s a mosquito control aeration and overseeding whatever these services can be added on while we’re already there is going to exponentially drive bottom-line profits and efficiencies so not only are you doing a fertilization weed control app but you’re applying the grub control basically the same application and billing the customer twice were there mowing the lawn but maybe we have a certified pesticide technician on that crew they can do perimeter pass or mosquito control or fire ants these are all ideas that I would suggest honing in on and creating a coreservice that is not really complex it’s scalable and you can go out and do it while at the same time there. There is a lot of money to be made in design-build forsure irrigation setup I’m not gonna deny these things but what I’ve found in my personal experience and working with you know five or six hundred business owners now just in lawn and lands right in the last year and a half is design-build traditionally is revolving around the business owner and the skill set that’s in their head it’s not scalable to a fact that the business owner is not involved in the day-to-day operations now some of the large multi multi-million dollar businesses it’s the lawn and landscape top 100 obviously fiscale passed that in its delegate abel and scalable but if you’re a young business my idea would be stick to a recurring maintenance service lawn mowing fertilization something that’s recurring we’re compounding the interest in the the wealth bottom line so if you ever go to sell the business or you’re looking to make a retirement plan out of it there’s a value there because you have recurring revenue that’s gonna have a higher multiplier when you go to sell or go to get a line and credit thebank and then those gateway services that we sell over the phone we are gonna go out and actually sell additional ancillary services upsell or expansion basically to raise that client lifetime value. When we’d go to raise that client lifetime value we’re looking for additional services that can be done while we’re already at the property or worst case scenario at your existing customer base we continue to raise that client lifetime value and it’s a higher profit margin service that we’re usually upselling through expansion after we get the gateway services such as lawn mowing, fertilization or maybe aeration and overseeding over the phone. The idea is don’t make you complex don’t offer too many things have two or three things that you’re really really good at and then go out 10 to 20 days later and upsell through expansion and raise the recurring revenue and profitability on each client. Keep it simple keep it predictable keep it delegate-able wouldn’t suggest diving in at a young company by any means to design build or irrigation install that’s a whole different beast and it’s going to involve you as the business owner for a lot longer than it will for setting up a maintenance company that can be delegated quickly and scaled on recurring revenue whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly mowing or weekly or bi-weekly cleaning in the home cleaning industry and then we’re going out and up selling ancillary services through expansion to continue to compound the lifetime value of that client. Comments or questions drop them below, hopefully that was helpful but though that’s what how I would tackle it as anew young company and if I’m an older established company I’m going to take a look at my existing service offerings and start to condense them down for a streamline efficiency that can be scaled without the business owner having to babysit and be there as the knowledge center so we’re looking at reoccurring services with upsells while we’re already there. Comments questions dropped below and hopefully that was helpful