Video Transcript:

Hey Mike Callahan here, want to make a quick video a lot of people talking about software’s around the service industry and how they don’t work or they’re not setup correctly and all the issues so I’m not going to go through the laundry list of complaints regarding an industry specific software but what I am gonna do is kind of expose the truth . Now being in the lawn care industry for the last 25 years and now helping other service business owners specifically in lawn care and snow removal and believe it or not cleaning as well probably 35 or 40 percent of the people we talked to are in the clean industry so I think I’ve got an interesting perspective. The main thing is well usually it’s not the software that’s the issue now there is some pretty old outdated dinosaurs out there in the service industry there aren’t cloud-based and aren’t a good CRM customer relationship management software may not have automations or an open API but the video today really is instead of blaming the software that you have chosen as long as you made a good choice of a software platform it usually comes down to not having optimized systems and processes in the business at all or even worse if you’ve created processing systems that are not efficient and not streamlined and trying to force those broken processes or the lack of processes into a software system when you start it. In my opinion if you’re going to be successful in customer relationship management software such as Service Autopilot or any of the other ones out there in the service industry before you go out and buy it or before you go out and reinvent it and get it setup for success this season you really need to define your processes and those processes need to be streamlined literally from lead acquisition all the way through billing and fulfillment and a lot of times we see some really crazy things like maybe they want to someone does a carbon copy estimate they then go through their facts to make a copy of it and then they will scan it and put it in the back end of the software and then mainly try the estimate in the system and then instead of emailing it out they’ll print it out and do it hardcopy mail or drop it off in person when the streamlined solution would probably get them into the CRM grab the turf square footage off online measurement or home-cleaning grab the square footage of the livable area off Zillow and create an automated pricing matrix that pulls up your price budget timing cost based on your numbers so I’ve seen so many different ways of utilizing a software that actually creates 15 to 20 extra steps to the salesperson and it never gets fully implemented so it’s not the software it’s the fact that most companies do not have a set process and procedure that’s streamlined and to try to take a broken process and put it into a software system is literally setting yourself up for failure basically. What I’m gonna do over the next few videos this week is go through and define whatI would prescribe is one of the best workflows from lean acquisition through billing and fulfillment and break that down so if you don’t have a processing system right now that’s streamlined you could use this as a model and tweak it for your lawn care home cleaning business but it’s usually not the software it’s the fact that business owners don’t have the time and they don’t spend the time to get out of the day-to-day grind to set up an actual workflow process that’s systematized for the best customer experience internally and externally and what I mean by internally is a lot of times these broken processes we’re gonna consider our staff an internal customer and this broken process is probably causing turnover or at least massive frustration for your office. I want to say what’s up to Michelle at Pink Callers so Michelle runs a really streamlined process with Pink Callers it’s a virtual assistant setup and I’m sure Michelle would agree with me that sometimes as industry experts we have to take a stepback when we’re working with people in the service industry to help them know what their workflow process is because a lot of times we just do do but we don’t look from the outside as a business owner to see what a good workflow process is and then how to implement it into a software system. Like I said over the next week or two here I’m going to break down the perfect process or close to perfect process thatI would recommend to drive through a CRM but if you’re having problems with your software program right now whether it Service Autopilot job or Single Ops whatever those services are that using Zen Made there’s all pros and cons of all these software systems but the problem usually is it’s the business owner trying to put a broken system or even worse a non-existent system into the software and it’s obviously not going to work. I’m gonna highlight over the next couple videos here how to actually create a workflow process to systematize it and if you haven’t defined it then by all means take a look at this video and tweak our workflow process to your business but if you can’t standardize it it can’t be delegated and if it can’t to be delegated then the business owner is a slave to the business because they are becoming the single point of failure and usually the frustration point of their staff because you’re forcing people to get into a CRM that that’s not fully setup or optimized and the biggest issue here is once we have a CRM a customer relationship management software or an automated platform that should be set up to actually support the mission of the business so if your mission is to give the best service with quick response and support your customer throughout the buying process and then after they bought to continue to be able to follow up with good communication the issue here is is if you have it utilized the CRM to support that mission you’re not only failing your team but you’re failing your customer so I highly recommend whatever software you’re using or if you’re going to look and buy a software develop those systems and processes and then implement them into the system in most of the really good CRM around the market right now that a cloud-based will support most process and systems or some minor tweaks. Recommendation today is go out build a processing system then implement it into your CRM at Simple Growth and it Callahan’s we used to use a basically a process we call the price matrix blueprint so to take our pricing matrix and systematize that we’d actually blueprint it out and then put it into the CRM so it allowed us to visualize the process and system and then be able to execute it inside the software system without any missing link so it was optimized once we got it in there. Talk today is really just defined a processing system then put it into your CRM and then make sure it supports your mission so whatever your mission is Callahan’s Lawn Care we wanted to give you the lifestyle you desire and in the idea was that our internal client our employees wanted we want to give them the lifestyle they desired so if we was getting out of work early and spending more time with the family the softwareand the system we built was to basically promote efficiency and not be bogged down and have to work to 10 o’clock every night but you could get in get your job done and get it right and then on the flip side of that our external customer we wanted to give them the lifestyle they desired so if they wanted to be able to have the ease of hiring a service provider with transparency and go see their kids say football game or their daughter’s ballet class or whatever it may be if that’s the lifestyle they desired we gave them through the CRM the ability to go through the customer portal and see all their billing all the history the ability to communicate with us things like be there and been there so we would automatically text or email them before we went to the service and after we left they’d get an automated message but that CRM in the process supported our mission of giving our internal staff the lifestyle they desired and or external staff the lifestyle they desired another interesting example is basically our mission and Simple Growth is to help service business owners take their life back from their business sowe do this by using a CRM that automate the workflow and helps our customers streamline their process to help take their life back from the business and by that time back so that process of that CRM with automation supports our mission as an organization but if we didn’t have the process and procedure built before we bought that platform it would have never worked. Spend the time this week get away from the grind before things get real crazy here getting into spring season especially in lawn care define your systems implemented into your CRM if you haven’t bought a CRM make sure those systems will go into the CRM flawlessly or very close and make sure that CRM is one that you can go inscale into. One of the previous CRMs we were on was desktop based before we moved to Service Autopilot and I will tell you when we had to convert from that desktop base to the cloud-based software it was a lot of work and not a small undertaking so as you’re going to look at a software very similar if any of folks watch and I talked to at GIE you want to look at a platform that it’s scalable for not only where you’re at now but where you want to be in the future so don’t be short-sighted and buy something that’s not scalable to where you want to go but applicable to where you’re at now so build your systems make sure your CRM in your system supports our mission and you’ll be in good shape this upcoming season