Video Transcript:

This video is actually going to be addressing the misconceptions of your industry and how they directly affect your business . The previous video yesterday was talking about who the best is in your local market and how to basically acknowledge who the best is outside of your company if somebody else is not going to hire you. The second part of this is going out in addressing the negative connotations of your industry and even if you are the best lawn care or home cleaning or pest control business in your industry you are subject to these misconceptions. So my opinion is if we are gonna go out and differentiate ourselves to our future consumers and get that trust we need to be different unlike the misconceptions of our industries, One of the biggest things that we see in the service industry is that people don’t care about quality they don’t return phone calls they’re not professional they don’t cover insurance whatever those major concerns are around your service and your industry my suggest is going out through content marketing just like this video and create educational information for your future consumer how to go out in fact and hire a professional services. In the lawn care industry a lot of the big things that we see as issues is that the person will never call you back, they don’t show up when they should they don’t care about the quality so if you pay them and they don’t do the job right basically you’re left on your own to fix it, insurance- if something gets broken, you throw a rock through a window from a mower and inverting it’s gonna happen who’s left to be responsible to fix that well obviously if the contractor doesn’t have home insurance it’s up to the homeowner and their home insurance to actually take care of that obviously it’s not fair and that’s not the way 99% of us do business but unfortunately the 1% is what’s absolutely killing us in the service industry. So in order to gain that future trust, frame yourself as an expert and shorten that sales cycle close more sales I’d recommend going out proactively on social media create content videos or if you don’t like videos written text PDFs around these topics. An example in my business is what we did is in snow removal in upstate New York, residential snow plowing is a little bit different appearance II the third highest snowfall mark in the whole United States believe it or not we have 120 to maybe sometimes 130 or 40 inches of snow lakeside so it’s a it’s ripe for the picking for people trying to make a quick buck and rip people off. What happens is every fall without fail for the last 15 to 20 years basically people come in and pose as contractors and they literally take cash money for the whole entire season of a contract usually preying on the elderly but everybody falls victim but we’ve seen and it’s on the news people have been put away for 10-15 years in jail literally in the fall in upstate New York Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse and this is very very common. The residential snow plowing industry in this area has a very very bad perception publicly that they can’t be trusted and even when it does hit 3 inches of snow and the trigger they’re not going to show up and if there’s an issue they’re not gonna help you they’re gonna take your money and robbed you blind. In order to combat this basically misconception or problem we’re addressing the problems upfront we created a series of videos and even Facebook ads to talk about the nine top things you need to talk about when hiring a snow removal professional in the residential industry inn Rochester New York, believe it or not this was new because no one really had I guess the thought of addressing these things head-up I’ll be honest was things I never really wanted to answer when people brought them up but they needed to be addressed so they said how do you handle payment what if there is a town or city plow that comes by and buries the drive and we can’t get out is that included in the contract is it not included in the contract? So all of these questions around the conceptual problems of the snow removal industry we addressed them up systematically stated the problem and answer them as honest as possible and then we repurposed them on different social media outlets such as YouTube Facebook Twitter and Instagram and the question or the misconception of our industry was actually the headline so it has good SEO and search ability. But one of the main examples was here is in our unlimited plowing contract it only included plowing the driveway in the unobstructed areas, people for some reason were under the misconception we could literally pick their cars up and plow underneath them obviously not happening but we addressed exactly what the service included and did include. So it included every three inches of snow we would not guarantee an exact time based on the snowfall event or potential traffic conditions we did shoot for 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. as clear out times for average snowfall it did not include drifts or snow from town plows or sidewalk plows that was a misconception of our consumer that we should be doing it but in the contract that we did we didn’t cover it and 99.9% of the contractors in our market didn’t cover it but that was considered by the public a problem because they assumed that we would just do it because no one up to that point really had stated what is included not included in the contracts. Addressing the problems upfront and minimized their headaches and let people to trust us because they knew exactly what they’re getting from the service so we addressed the timing issue what was included what wasn’t included upfront and the other additional problem in that industry was people literally getting robbed blind by contractor so what we did is we changed the name of the game and said we will only take credit card or check and we have to have a signed contract if you fail to have either one of those on file a contract signed aided understanding and accepting the terms of the agreement and payment and check or credit card if you gave us cash we wouldn’t take it and if you failed to even have a contract but you paid us we would literally refund your money. The biggest issue is concerned of paying a contractor for the hole in season upfront we differentiate ourselves by saying you needed a signed agreement and we need a credit card or check payment so we had written record to protect you as a consumer but by addressing these problems upfront we were different and in my opinion we gain the trust of the consumer a lot quicker than our competitors must allowed us to basically book our entire schedule to capacity usually before the middle of September. Comments or questions drop them below. Main point of the video here is our industry no matter what service industry has a bad public perception because of short few people actually go out and do what they shouldn’t be doing so if you’re willing to and I believe you should you need to go out address these problems upfront through education and if you’re not willing to address them more honestly and more transparently than your competitors than one of your competitors is going to do it and go out and win the trust of your future customer and your current customers right now. Tip of the day thought of the day go out and address the misconceptions of our industry and the problems of each type of service through education become the expert become the trusted service provider for that service and win more work in your industry. I want to say what’s up to Charlie, Bill, Sam and Jeff on our way out to another two-day deep dive in Rochester New York lawn care company coming in where we’re gonna revamp their whole entire estimating bidding and literally workflow system in the next two days here so this would be day two of two days here so pretty crazy day as we’re going to back into this but we got probably I would say close to six thousand data points that the simple growth team is just pumping into this service autopilot application so as they’re gearing up for the next twenty twenty season they understood the value that they needed a systematic estimating system to create predictable zor-el so they could delegate it to literally someone who had never done lawn care snow removal estimates and literally plug in variables out on their phone off the square footage number of shrubs any of the variables are looking at linear lengths of bed for bed edging but basically when they walk out here in the next eight to nine hours they’re gonna have an estimating system that took me six to probably seven years to build in a matter of two days so kind of crazy I absolutely love helping small business owners like myself take their life back from the business and create standardized processes for predictable results that does not involve the business owner to have all the information that had to be the singlepoint of failure because be honest in the beginning when I first started my company that was the mistake I made so it’s become my passion now to help other small business owners just like myself have that journey of a freedom based service business where they can leave at twenty to thirty days a pop and have a think run as good if not better without them and let’s be honest this is small business owners we’d like to get in there and sometime micromanage become that bottleneck of growth but by creating these predictable systems internally we’re able to overcome those growth hurdles break that million in market well behind but before we get that million market beyond those sales we need to address these five key things I’m talking to to you about the and over the next few days last one was basically literally who is the best in your market how do we address that and if people ask we’re transparent about today’s topic is going out and addressing the misconceptions of our industry and the problems associated with the services we’re providing and how we handle them differently than everybody else to be that go-to expert to be trusted. Comments or questions drop them below and we will see you at tomorrow’s video.I want to say what’s up to Matt Green as we exit the video another guy just absolutely crushing it out there so congrats brother love the content too