Video Transcript:
Hey Mike Callahan here with a quick video to talk about who is the best in your market so whether it’s lawn care, home cleaning, or any other service industry one of the questions that most consumers want to know, even if they can’t afford the best, who is the best? Well to put a little framing and background on this question and topic I’ve got to give you some background on the term ZMOT – zero moment of truth. What zero moment of truth is, is the time that you actually realize your future lead actually exist, according to zero moment of truth- which was an independent study done by Google and one of the top research companies in the UnitedStates and they came to separate conclusions approximately 70% of our buying decisions are made before you as the business owner know your consumers that actually exists. Before you turn the video off I’m going to suggest that your business and every other business in your market are the same and why that is is because we’re all in the business of earning the future lead or client’s trust before we know who they are. One of the five key elements that your future lead is going to want to know about before they know about you or even after they interact it is who is the best in your market so the concept of this is all service businesses are now in the game before we meet the consumer of buying and getting to know the lead that we don’t know who they are yet so we’re basically of creating trust to get them to know like and trust us before we know who they are and that is going to be done through content and video marketing that’s educational. One of the biggest questions that we’ve got and Callahan’s Lawn Care is if so let’s put an example is if we hand out a bid to someone commercial or residential and you get that very awkward question and they’re like well Mike I think we really want to go with you but if we don’t go with you who’s the best what’s the next best solution and company in the market that you would recommend and truthful be honest this is a seed I saidI’ll tell you exactly how we handled it and did it wrong in the beginning but I told this story at aASCA the snow Contractors Association in Pittsburgh Last year I’ll kind of tell you what happened which was really interesting because one of my direct competitors was actually in the audience of several hundred people obviously I didn’t see them up there but interesting perspective. What happened is when the future this potential client asked us who’s the best in your market if we don’t hire you originally we would say well we have no idea you know we’re the only person in our market that we know that doesnt lawn care and snow removal so everything we’ve done up to this point was to gain the future customers trust to know like and trust us so obviously they knew who the other competitors are obviously we know who the other competitors are we’re basically it’s a bold lie or skirting the question but everything we’ve done up to this point systematically to gain their trust and get them to know like and trust us immediately have lost that that level of trust so obviously that’s not the right move so the next move was you know who else would you recommend if we don’t hire you so we thought well maybe we’ll just send them to the worst competitor in the market they don’t return phone calls it’s the Chuck in the truck in the truck and when they don’t answer the calls and they see they don’t have insurance and it’s not a rep your business well they’re gonna call us back so next thing we did is we did that and that obviously was not the right move either because once again it lost the trust of the customers so who the best in your market is is honestly it it’s a it’s a tricky slope and honestly what we did is we had two or three main competitors that we played nice with in the same sandbox we knew that they were good companies and we trusted the product they put out i’m so in a leap of faith we actually suggested through these three companies and what that did is even if our price was a little bit higher than consumer trusted us even more because we were honest enough to literally say well if you’re not going with us the best next option in our market are these three companies and let us just do you just a solid and basically give you the phone numbers. So fast forward to August of last year at ASCA’s snow conference one of our direct competitors Rick Lemke who actually owns RM landscaping out of Rochester New York his son is actually Bret Lemke who’s ahead of the president of the National landscape Association with the lights on the stage basic embed this gentleman jumps up in the back of the crowd and goes thank you and I was like okay I’m like who are you and he was live up on I’m up on the screen and I said well I Know you’re not one or two of these guys but you may be this one so lo and behold it was Rick Lemke of R&M Landscape whose son now pretty much runs the business is the president of the National landscape associates interesting his perspective unprompted I didn’t stick him in the crowd obvious yet no idea who is there but he actually stood up for a few minutes and talked about how he actually referred his company as the next best option he didn’t come out and say it but if I was to infer from the the comment and testimonial he kind of gave from the back of the room when they had capacity they weren’t servicing an area that my company was already in it actually played back where he referred us and their company referred us back now not knowing this was happening we were just playing by the new gate rules of the game for marketing and when people asked who the next best competitor was outside of our company we literally told him here’s your next best three options in nine times outta ten it didn’t backfire in a face it actually solidified us as the expert and truthful and honest contractor and it won more work than it lost. So when people go out and ask you who the best in your market is don’t be cocky don’t say that you’re the best cuz if they’re calling you the assumption is you probably are the best but be honest about it if that question comes up don’t skirt it address it with honesty and sincerity and let them know who your two to three direct competitors are that you would recommend if you didn’t hire them and trust me it will pay bottom line profits in the upcoming season. Once again if you just join us the background on this is zero moment of truth that’s a study done by Google and Forrester Research and 70% of all buying habits are actually made before the consumer knows who you are so we are all in the service industry in the game of buying in basically buying for our future consumers know like and trust and once we do that if they do ask you the question who the best in the market is be honest because all that work upfront is gonna be basically lost if you’re not honest about who the best in your market is. Over the next couple weeks here or the next few days I’m gonna be going over the rest of the other five key things that you should be addressing up front in your content in conversational marketing strategy this year to go out and buy the consumers trust in the five main questions you need to be addressing upfront with honesty before your future consumer and ask and if it is a consumer that’s just about to buy that you’ve submitted an estimate or bid to you definitely need to be honest with them. This is number one number five that things that we need to address to get the new consumer to know like and trust us before zero moment of truth zero moment of truth you have no idea who these people are so it’s really important to go out and be honest and be the content and expert of your industry and service game. Comments or questions drop them below