Video Transcript:
Hey Mike Callahan here I want to make a quick video today basically the premise of the video it got me thinking that a lot of times we talk to our prospective consumers thinking that they know about our services or either our existing clients. Where this came about is I had an interesting of communication or transaction with my accountant since I’ve had literally since 96 or 97 so obviously his assistant assumed that I knew the ins and outs of some of different tax advantages and things were doing and not to get into the finer details but I was somewhat familiar but there was some intricacies that that I was completely unaware of based on the structure of a business. Long story short an LLC can actually elect to file taxes as an S-corp in your Medicare and some of the other taxes are not taxable or taxed through a distribution through an S-corp which I was aware of but I didn’t realize in LLC could be an entity and elect to basically pay their taxes through that election of the S-corp so I was aware of the benefits and drawbacks of an LLC versus an S-corp but I didn’t realize you can almost marry the two together. The mistake the accountant really made was that they assumed that I knew that that could be done and the correlation here is in our service business whether it’s lawn care, home cleaning, or pest control a lot of times we we assume that our potential consumer knows the benefits of potentially doing a pre-emergent application from weed control early in the season before those weeds germinate and then what a post-emergent is with basically a selective herbicide or in the cleaning industry the other one that hit me right out the bat a few years ago before I started really working in the cleaning industry was that a top to bottom or a deep-clean is the initial clean to get the house ready for the weekly or bi-weekly or monthly maintenance clean but that’s really a different type of clean where you’re using maybe a microfiber on the shade versus a feather duster for maintenance. The post today is is a little bit different it’s kind of taking a look at what you do as your service, boiling it down to the absolute basics where you as the professional think that it’s absolutely obvious and I’m willing to bet the things that you think that are the most obvious are actually probably the most valuable things for your potential consumer or consumer to reinforce through long term education on a monthly or twice a month basis that’s something we tackle in automations where we go out in educate the consumer what they should be doing in their yard at home the month in advance so as you get into maybe the winter season or the lawn care season we’re talking about the proper pruning and techniques for ornamental pruning or if you’re in the southern markets crepe myrtle pruning and it’s just purely education maybe with a softline one line at the bottom that hey we’re here to help if he needs some help with that service. As we’re diving into the new season here whether it’s lawn care home cleaning I think one of the things that really should be top of frame of mind is how can we boil down our services and educate our potential consumer to create a higher perceived value or re-educate our existing client to reinforce the value of the services that were actually selling and providing. Another idea for the new year here is we’re getting in right after the holiday season maybe a fridge clean out our stove clean up we can talk about the proper process in what actually goes into as a professional cleaning service because it was significantly different than your average homeowner going out to do one of those things. Topic today if you have any comments or questions drop them below, but really just want to talk about not making assumptions of what you think your consumer understands, my accountant fell victim to this a few days ago here as we were moving some things around I was well aware of the differences between an LLC and an s-corp but I didn’t realize you could almost marry those two together for some tax advantages as well so comments or questions drop and below, hope everybody’s doing well have a great New Year’s here coming up be safe but want to make a quick video to outline and outline the benefits of not taking assumptions for your potential consumer client and going through education and educating them. I’ll be transparent I was pretty frustrated with my accountant with this and if he or she had basically gone through and educated around this and not made the assumption that I knew these two things could be married up to each other and not have to go out and do the research myself A- I would have been extremely happy as a customer but B- it would have given me a better knowledge of what I was paying for and the expertise they brought to the table, because they are obviously the expert and this was the right move for me and one of my businesses but without being able to understand the basics of it and then some of the higher level stuff how it all work together I had no idea the value they were bringing to the table on why I was hiring them as an expert instead of going out and doing some of the paperwork in my own office and having my office staff take care of this. Comments questions drop below hope everybody is having a great New Year’s Eve here and we’ll see you in 2020.