Hey Mike Callahan here at the airport on my way to 2019 GIE plus Expo in Louisville, Kentucky as I look outside the window here at the airport started thinking about equipment standardization what that means in the green industry or even in your snow removal industry just starting the warm-up for the upcoming season here for snow removal but so whether you’re running a lawncare landscape maintenance company design-build or snow removal as I’m hanging out here at the airport on the way to GIE p;us Expo 2019 equipment standardization has been something is very successful and key to the success of my company but just like Southwest Airlines standardizing their fleet having the same exact claim, if we go out and standardize all our mowers weed whackers blowers stick headers trucks and everything else that we use by doing so we’re able to create a standardized production rate based estimating system on the same exact piece of equipment and a standardized preventive maintenance and repair situation by stocking similar parts for each piece of equipment. When we go out and build a training and systematic way to get our guys and girls in the field to do the work we’re doing it in the same exact way time in a time out, just like Southwest they’ve got mechanics trained on one type of plane stewardess on one type of plane for handling customer service as well as the people that work underneath the plane for baggage. What I’m suggesting is you’re in lawncare and snow removal company standardize your fleet and this is gonna allow you to standardize your training equipment asset management and when you go out to buy new pieces of equipment in your fleet it makes it a lot easier because then you have buying power hopefully we’re like a fleet package. Idea today is standardize your fleet which is gonna standardize your estimating process your production process and your training process and having parts in place to make sure that when you go down you’re back up and running as soon as possible so just like Southwest here at the airport. I suggest if you’re out a GIE plus Expo or at a local dealership looking to standardize that fleet or predictable collection rates and predictable equipment and asset management. Comments or questions drop below but I’m just thinking about that as I was at the airport here looking at one of these planes out here by Southwest and that was their key to success by standardizing everything starting with the exact plane that they work with. I’m going to be hanging out at the GIE plus Expo in Louisville, Kentucky the next three four days here. I’m gonna be hanging out at booth 4010 with Service Autopilot Johnathan Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire, will be hanging out all week as well so love to meet you in person stop by booth 4010 Mike Callahan Jonathan Pototschnik of the lawn careillionaire and the whole SA crew is gonna be hanging out. We’re gonna be talking software and automation and everything green industry so we’ll see you there Louisville, Kentucky Green Industry Expo next couple days coming up booth 4010 Service Autopilot Mike Callahan and Jonathan Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire will see you there.