Video Transcription:

Mike Callahan here, wanna make a quick video. Hanging out in Philadelphia getting ready for the ASEA Snow basically educational event with Snow Magazine tomorrow up in the hotel room here I’ve got the TV monitor behind me just going over my slide deck making sure I’m ready to provide 45 to 50 minutes of content before we do the live panel. My question, it just kind of popped in my head as I’m getting ready for this talk in Philadelphia tomorrow is: How are you going to be the industry disrupter in your market? So without giving away the majority of my talk I want to take an example of what we did in our snow removal company as well as a lawn care company but we addressed the good, the bad and the ugly and the questions that our competitors just did not want to address and by doing so in answering them transparently and honest and upfront we gained our potential new consumer’s trust before we ever knew who they were. One of the examples we did this was is, some background in upstate New York and Rochester snow plow contractors have a black eye especially in the residential market and what happened every year it still happens to this year I’m sure it’ll be on the news in a few months, contractors are con artists they come in and take consumers cash money and they skip town, so the ability or the desire to talk about price and contracts and payments in my local market even to this day is something that the local competitors do not want to address and by all means I didn’t want to dress it myself but when we acted and thought a little bit differently and we address this upfront on our website and especially in social media we showed them what was included in the service what wasn’t included and one of the things in our residential contracts that wasn’t included was snow that didn’t fall from the sky so drifts or snow pushed at the end of driveways or snow pushed in the driveway from the sidewalk plow that was not included and our general contract price there was a minimum of 25 dollars to do the work and then if we didn’t have any crews on the road or in that area it was and additional $65 to mobilize that crew and piece of equipment. By addressing the elephant in the room and owning it we became a very transparent company and trustworthy. What I’m gonna suggest is figure out what the perceptions of your industry, whether its lawn care snow plowing home cleaning is and address the negative conceptions and through transparency and honesty and social media and your website and potentially YouTube and LinkedIn, LinkedIn is a great place for commercial property managers and buying people to make buying decisions is let’s address those up front let’s attack the ugly of our industry be upfront and honest and put it in writing in an video and address him just like we did how we said that snow removal for the end of the driveway the sidewalk plow was not included after we’ve already been there it was an additional $25 minimal charge plus an additional $65 mobilization fee and we addressed it upfront unlike our competitors. We also took it to the next level we addressed the con artists in the market taking people’s money and skipping town so to overcome that we were very very upfront and honest how we priced snow removal in what payment methods were accepted so to be like everyone else on the actual local news that was getting arrested and taking people’s money in the residential snow removal we required a signed contract and either a check or credit card so we had record of payment if we didn’t have the combination of both if you paid us we didn’t have a signed contract or you’d a signed contract and you didn’t pay us by November 1st we would literally return your money or the contract and you were not a client. By addressing it up front owning the elephants in the room we were different, we were able to charge a higher price and consumers were okay with us charging for the extra services that most service providers quote unquote said they included but they didn’t and they waited to the consumer was literally stranded in their driveway or parking lot and not so their consumers couldn’t get it out of the parking lots that were plugged up from the snow and then charged them but buying being upfront and honest and owning those concerns of the general market and the con artists that were taking people’s money we gained the trust of our potential consumers before we ever knew who were they were. To be a disruptor like the car maxes and the other players such as Amazon we need to think differently we want to disrupt so the first step is to address the questions and concerns in your market own them document them on your website social media and other social media platforms and I’ll continue to build some more content around that. My challenge to you today is be the Carmack’s of your industry look the way and understand the way consumers are buying and how their habits have changed and they’re looking and becoming educated and they want the risks taken out of the buying equation and if we can do that through changing the way we provide our services and the way we’d go for them even if it’s more than our competitors we will disrupt our local market and have a competitive advantage. Comments with questions drop and blow, I want to say what’s up to Matthew, Luke, Chad and Brad. Getting ready so if you are in the Philly area tomorrow I believe there’s a few seats left for the ASEA snow educational event now I’m gonna be in Chicago next week for Snow Magazine in ASEA again and then the following week at GIE so I know Krista and the team will be down to GA we were gonna be hanging out at the Service Autopilot booth as well there and then about a week and a half after that SA6 we’ve got a free event before SA6 that the Simple Growth team is hosting most the Simple Growth team is flying down to SA6 in Plano Texas this year so it’s a free event we’re gonna show you how to set up SA one day free implementer event and then the following day Chris Volpe and I take the stage at SA6 and it’s gonna be one of the one talks you don’t want a miss, because Chris and I are gonna break down what a fully setup SA instance looks like and then the rest of the conference is breakout workshops so you will have a road map to what conference workshops you want to attend based on Chris and I’s talk when we explore and really lift the hood of what a fully setup SA system looks like and some of the things will probably surprise you what you thought you should have had in certain line items as far as numbers are probably just the opposite. Definitely looking forward to seeing everybody at Philly tomorrow Chicago next week GIE the following week and about a week and a half after that Plano, Texas SA6 and in February gonna be at Lawn and Landscape Magazine’s tech event in Orlando, Florida taking a red-eye right after that and we’ll be in Savannah, Georgia at the QDS (Quality Driven Software) Martha Woodward’s event as well as a one-day full event the day after Martha’s event in Savannah but a little late getting the signup form on there but hopefully I’ll have some time here while I’m on the road to get that up and get some information for Savannah Georgia in February right after the Lawn and Landscape Magazine tech conference coming up in February. Philly tomorrow, Chicago next week right after that following week GIE weekend half later we’re gonna be in Plano and then February Orlando and Savannah, Georgia comments questions drop blow and hope you see you at one of the live events Mike Callahan and the Simple Growth team.