Video Transcription:

Mike Callahan here, want to make a quick video… a lot of people have been asking about the new iOS 13 updates, basically what it does is it sends marketers and small business owners going to reach out to leads and clients directly to voicemail. I’m gonna change the screen appear so you can actually see what I’m talking about but basically the new setting is they can silence all unknown callers and this is the setting right out of the iOS 13 update. The way to overcome this right now is how to get your leads and clients phone to ring when following up and using Simple Growth automations and Service Autopilot this is possible. Step number 1 is to associate your name with a number using series so most people would assume that you can do this through email but that’s taking into the assumption that people are using the iOS email function in their iPhone so we really don’t want to leave it up to chance, we want to be able to use text messaging so Siri recognizes the name and the phone number you’re calling from and texting from. Step number 2 is we have to have the prospect engage via text and they need a response so it’s a two-step process to get this to happen. As far as notes, texts will work best email us depend on the iOS email app that utilizes AI or artificial intelligence to create the association. The details, you must have your name in the text message so I’ve got a couple examples here of what will work and what will not work not correct grammar here hello comma this is: Mike by the way, it is not going to work and the other one is hey this is: Mike by the way from Simple Growth, the correct way of doing this to get Siri to attach the name is: I just wanted to follow up with the estimate we dropped off period – Mike, this will work on the back end after some testing ask an open-ended question: hey this is Mike comma or period I am with Simple Growth we were planning and servicing your property today period are you still okay with the services on the property today, so we use proper grammar to get the name in there and we’ve opened an open-ended question soliciting them a response once you have both of those we have the name and the information and you can see here Siri found new contact info. Once you have that you know that it works so if you’re testing this out on your own phone this will pop up with all these messages that are deleted out of there, it’s a fresh contact. They must respond and basically what this is gonna do is Apple is forcing you to up your game far as your content mark no longer can we just spam people and have basically non thought out text message we really need to have engaging content that is grammatically correct that will get your name in Siri as well as getting the consumer to respond and you must engage in to a live texting so if you’re using a product like Service Autopilot we are gonna want to use the two-way texting feature under marketing CRM functions positive notice this is going to force you to increase your engagement in go out and have meaningful conversations with your prospects, I believe. One of the things we recommend in 20 days to close is a lot of our clients will send out a day 0 text message and this is basically an hour or so after the estimate is sent literally explaining hey this is Mike from Simple Growth just checking in to see if you received our estimate. So we’ve done proper grammar association and an open-ended question to get them to respond that they’ve received the estimate this to tron approach will allow you then potentially at day one to follow up with a physical phone call from your office or VA like Pink Callers. Comments a questions drop below. I know this is a big big issue right now in a lot of the service businesses so two-part engagement just as far as a quick review is associate your name with the the number you’re using for Siri and have the prospect to engage in the tax we need an open-ended question they respond to main thing is here we need correct grammar so basically it’s either got to be period – your name or a period after your name with an open-ended question those are the two best ways to get min to have Syria recognize the name the phone number and get you into the Siri found new contact information so any comments or questions drop below I know it’s early. Hanging out at the airport here taking off to Philly to give a talk for the ASC a snow show and then gonna be in Chicago next week and then the following week at gie and Louisville Kentucky and about a week and a half after that in Plano Texas for SA6 doing a talk on what a fully set up Service Autopilot looks like so comments or questions drop them below hopefully this is helpful how to tackle the iOS 13 update