Video transcription:

Hey Mike Callahan, wanted to make a quick video. I just got back yesterday actually from the kids soccer practice and it got me thinking, do our employees need structure similar to the kids in a sporting group? I’m gonna tell you absolutely 110% yes so the example that really made me start to think about how we run our service businesses was actually the kids soccer practice. Kids are young four and five years old and two weeks ago we had a couple of rookie coaches, high school college kids who probably never coach and never actually been in a leadership role no knock on them they didn’t know any better but it was interesting it took out of a group of 12 or maybe 15 kids only one or two kids that literally just didn’t have the attention span in development yet that they needed so it wasn’t really the kids fault but where I’m going with this is the rookie coach didn’t know how to set the guidelines and show what was acceptable and wasn’t acceptable and as the practice progressed things literally went downhill in a fireball there were kids running everywhere no structure no accountability no order. What it got me thinking is in our service businesses if we don’t set the expectations up front and hold people accountable for showing up every day on time calling when they’re not coming in and giving some heads up and giving us a week or two weeks notice before they take off for like basically a paid timeoff or unpaid time off we’re making the same rookie mistakes is that coach. Fast forward to this week a veteran coach came in these young kids were just filling in so not their fault but it was interesting the veteran coach came in and set the expectations up front what was acceptable what wasn’t acceptable and there was still one kid that was still running around a little crazy but he dialed the kid in took a little extra time and coached and mentored him until he understood what was acceptable and chaos disappeared in an order and predictability happened. So the same things happen in our business and I’m not on a pedestal here preaching trust me I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum but the times that I didn’t set the expectations and hold people accountable is when the business and our team of 20 to 30 people at certain points plus we’re just crazy. If you’ve got a team I don’t care if it’s 1 or 30 plus we need to set expectations and we need to follow through so if they’re late the requesting time often it’s not in the allotted time we need to cute consistency and I don’t care if it’s your best player on your team and your service business you need to hold to the rules. A quick example is we we basically obviously most businesses do not reward theft but we had a gentleman who was trying to fuel up his own vehicle at the gas station literally a quarter mile from our shop and he went in and actually put it on the company accountant it was at four maybe five dollars in gas but it didn’t matter the standard was set that theft is not acceptable and if you are stealing from the company you will be pursued in the court of law. So I went down to the police station filed the appropriate paperwork and called in a little favor with the police officers and lo and behold the next day at 7:00 a.m. I had three or four police cruisers show up at the shop in front of my team meeting at 7:05 in the morning called the gentlemen out in front of everybody and said let’s just call it Dave because that’s definitely out his name but we’ll keep keep it anonymous said Dave these gentlemen here and the police cruisers would like to talk to you we’ve got you on tape and here’s a picture of you stealing at the gas station on our company account and these gentlemen are gonna have you take a ride, he was one of our better employees to be honest with you but it had to be done because everybody else in the company or portion of them knew what happened and we needed to make an example and set the standards and expectations and no one was above the law, especially the law in this matter. What I’m going for is after we had a team meeting we talked about are we crystal clear where my expectations are on theft and honesty and how we act as a team and I will tell you it was crystal clear after that it was a story that literally to this day is basically passed around and it’s been embellished a lot but everybody who is working there or had been working there or worked there in the future would know how Mike and the company stands on theft and there was a clear expectation if it wasn’t followed that some strict things to be taken even if it was two to three dollars in gas. My advice to you is don’t make the mistake the rookie coaches and the soccer team don’t make the mistakes that I made the early years of business create expectations follow through on it no matter who it is whether it’s being on time time off requests or in this instance an example he gave us theft and it was three maybe four bucks where the gas gentleman was arrested in front of the whole entire team and the expectation was followed through and people knew the severity of not meeting those expectations. Comments or questions dropped below but I think our employees the most part crave standard and predictability they like that structure whether they tell you or not as soon as they lose that structure that’s when you can lose control of your business and productivity and profitability so stick your guns set expectations and no matter who it is if it’s the best player or the worst player on the team follow through consistently and when appropriate make it public knowledge and have a communication of the team why you did what you did and when you did it and obviously I didn’t to have somebody arrested over four bucks but maybe to be done and that has been a story that lives forever and it’s better and better every year so I love hearing the latest version of the story. Comments or  questions dropping below are you creating structure like the kids soccer class it with the rookie teacher or this week with the veteran teacher who said it expectations followed through and when the one kid kind of ran off and created his own rules we drew them back and got him on team to buy-in so comments questions right below hopefully was helpful.