Video transcription:

Hey Mike Callahan back again. Been busy this week so I haven’t posted as much as usual but a lot of questions about snow removal, it’s getting to around that time of year again – beginning of September. If you haven’t done it yet, definitely the time to standardize and get your snow plowing bids and ice removal bids out asap. A lot of questions around how to standardize it, how to create predictable profits, several different models as well so I’m going to be going live on facebook at 3pm eastern today to break down the different ways  we can go and create production based estimating for snow and ice removal that can be delegated. So the first one we are going to dive into is a per push contract with no limit on the amount of snow, a per trip contact, a retainer with overage and then an unlimited contract so these are not per inch contracts but theses are going to be per push, retainer with overage and unlimited and we’re going to show you how to grab that average to make sure you are covering the average snowfall in your industry. After 24, 25 years in upstate NY (the 3rd largest snowfall market in the whole United States) we’ve worked those trenches a few times just to put it lightly. I’m going to share my stories from the trenches and how we tackled this in my business and in addition we are also going to show you outside of doing your per push, unlimited and retainers how to actually go in and do a per inch contract based on 0-2, 2-4, 4-6, and everything in between. We’re going to be breaking out separate production rates for each piece of equipment so a plow with a straight blade, a plow with a v-plow, a truck with a wideout, a skid steer with a box plow, a backhoe with a box plow, a loader…each type of equipment and production rates. We are going to get into sidewalk and ice melt , removal for your sidewalk team. Going to show you how to production rate based estimating system to clear the sidewalks with a shovel, a snow blower, and in addition how to handle the ice melt application- so whether its a push spreader or an ATV with a spreader on the back of it and will get into bulk salt distribution on parking lots as well. 3pm eastern/ 2pm central – Mike Callahan going to dive into everything snow today, how to set it up how to create predictable systems, how to delegate it and yes how to get the information in there so if you don’t have production rates that you are comfortable with down the line at the end of this winter you will have a non-emotional benchmark to be to quote based on square footage next season. We will see you there 3pm est / 2pm central – Mike Callahan facebook live we are breaking out snow and ice estimating and production rate estimating as well. Unfortunately the four letter word is coming – the white gold- SNOW. We’ll see you there a little bit later today. Comments or questions you want answered live drop them on this video so we can get ahead of the game and answer those questions for ya.