Video transcription:

Hey Mike Callahan here, just outside waiting for an Uber, outside of this commercial building. Wanted to make a quick video about commercial quality forms, why they are so important and why you really want to have the ability on these forms to submit pictures live though a mobile application that loads into your CRM – your customer relationship management software. It was pretty astounding taking a look at this property, I don’t know if this is going to do it justice, I am short but this thing is a monster and so is the one behind me- this thing is up to my chest. If this business owner had seen this monster in a picture they would have been able to get on top of it,. Whoever is doing the landscape maintenance here is missing the ball, missing it totally. If they had a form like we built out in Service Autopilot with quality control with required pictures they could have a snap shot of this bed every time they are on the job site and not miss it. So what I’m suggesting is if you are building out a quality control form in your CRM- your customer relationship management software- like Service Autopilot, the QC form should have a rating of all the beds being weeded, weed whacking, sucker growth, all the other things you are looking for and required pictures so you don’t have a behemoth like this thing almost as tall as the building. Advice today is make out your quality control forms with required picture upon completion, then an automation that requires someone to review them and then they can be pushed out to the consumer or commercial property owner. Whoever the landscape maintenance company here is definitely missing the boat here on QC and holding their crews accountable and same on the business owner if they are the owner operator here but I’m assuming it is probably a crew that does this, this is an office building its a little of beat and path and this would be a great way for them to check out what is going on in the property to hold those crews accountable, to make sure they are weeding the beds and what should be getting done is getting done each and every time without them having to be there- physically. Comments and questions drop them below.