Video transcription:

Mike Callahan here. I want to make a quick live video just absolutely excited, about to announce the release of our fully automated video training series for Service Autopilot. We’ve been using several companies around the United States bringing in fresh office personnel that have never even heard of Service Autopilot and within three to five days we had them up and trained a hundred percent ready to go, this is just absolutely revolutionary in my opinion. So if you already are a Service Autopilot member you can go to the marketplace icon up on the top there, give our office a call or click the link below for more information on what’s included. You’re gonna hear a lot about this but one of the biggest stumbling parts of Service Autopilot that we hear from a lot of users is learning the system is very very tough so what we’ve done is broken it down into six easy digestible modules complete with testing. The way we tackle this though is the videos don’t bounce around they sequentially go from lead acquisition off the website or when the client calls we teach you how to get them in the Service Autopilot what needs to be taken care of and each tab of the add the lead screen we go in and show you how to break down the sale source, so how they heard about you we’re setting the foundations for the system and the tracking of lead conversion into clients and the cost for acquired client per lead source. In addition we go in and show you how to break down custom fields or job variables so whether its turf square footage in lawn care, home square footage in home cleaning we go in and break down the process to how to do this in an easy digestible way so even if the admin is not building the stuff out they had a foundational understanding of what’s going on on top of this. In addition, if you’re the business owner manager and you want to have a better understanding we break this down in very slow simple videos that are two to three minutes each and they’re very digestible at the end of each module we have testing you have to pass that module at a hundred percent to go to the next one and we have an automated process that teaches you on the questions you got wrong. As we go in we got lead acquisition we enter them in the SA we create an estimate we go in to estimate templates pricing grids the estimate email the estimate acceptance email all this is at really easy digestible step-by-step directions then we go into how to email out the estimate itself preview it and tweak it on the fly, so we’ve got a template email that loads in now when we lose the estimate we go through the process of closing at least lists that lead out for list hygiene then we drive around eighty-one estimate process you can notice this is all sequential we’re not bouncing around this makes sense as a process in the office we go in and show you how to convert the lead into a client off the estimate if the client calls and says hey I want to sign up we show you how to mark that as won. Then in addition we show you how to schedule off the estimate this is a key thing we’re eliminating training extra screens and steps and creating a process and workflow that is systematized by doing such the price the budgeted time and cost or any materials are automatically transferred over the schedule. Next we’re gonna go in is talk about scheduling work we’re gonna go over the main types of scheduling and Service Autopilot for the lawn care industry and the home cleaning industry we’re gonna go over one time job so that’s a job we know the specific date we go over recurring jobs your weekly or bi-weekly or custom schedules we’re gonna go over your waiting list maybe it has to be done this week but not today sometime between Monday and Friday. We go into package jobs, particularly this is around fertilizing or maintenance packages so we go in very similar waiting lists but show you how to set that up and schedule that. Then we go into routing and all the different types  of routing you can do in service autopilot so we’ve got our optimized free through Google we got our paid optimizing we have our manual and grouped optimize and we give it a good bad and ugly on all of them and how we recommend systematizing this for your Business. Then we go down and show you how to double check the route order and check the visual clues on the little flags. Next thing we do is roll into the dispatch board, the dispatch board gonna show you how to adjust the crews on the flies if you no call no show this is going to give you the foundational information for your job costing and payroll, then we’re gonna select the jobs and dispatch them in a print them or get them live out of the mobiles. Next thing is we’re going out field to get the work done when the work is done we’re gonna close the screen out with the closeout day screen so we’re gonna go and give you a sanity check to make sure we have a price budget at time and good start and stop times because that bad data in is gonna be a bad data out for your reporting for job costing and raising your prices and production rate so we’re gonna make sure we have foundational understanding then we’re gonna make sure everything’s complete and then whether we build daily weekly monthly or a custom data month this system is now going to automatically create those invoices and then once the invoices are done we’re going to take you through the invoicing collection process and show you how to charge charge cards how to printing those invoices how to email those invoices all at a click of three buttons a systematized way to get that done that’s predictable day in and day out. Then the last thing is we’re going to show you how to enter contracts and prepayments and the biggest misconceptions of entering services that are under contract most people are not putting a price or budgeted time when it’s connected to the contract it will not double bill this I insure but by doing so and getting a price and budget of time and cost in there this will in fact give you a great data in great data out for job costing and production rate based estimating. So if any of this sounds of interest, click the link below to get some more details if you are our employee level 3 and there’s quite a few people out there very shortly within the next week or two we will be inserting in building this automation out and getting you access to it at no extra cost so if you are on our employee systems automations employee level 3 that includes video training this whole new process of automating your video training for your office staff will be included no extra cost. If your employee level 1 or level 2 and you want to jump up also click that link below and as a link to my online calendar so we can talk and see if it’s a good fit for you. If you’re not ready to dive into our employee automations and you want to just have the automated onboarding training system for the office this is a new product offered by Simple Growth. We’re continuing to push the envelope to make simple install and training of Service Autopilot for everyone in every industry that we work with whether it’s lawn care home cleaning or pest control or some of the other service industries like pond maintenance our waterless pine features as well so check it out click the link below or in this post.Really excited our employee level 3automations are going to be getting access to this very shortly and if this is something you want as just a standalone automation it’s going to be a game-changer so whether you are the business owner want some clarification or you want to be able to hand this off automated to train your new office staff with predictable results day in and day out this is what allowed me to basically scale an absentee owner business and if I didn’t want to be there for 30 days or if I felt sick and couldn’t run it or you want to go out and sell your business they have a turnkey solution that doesn’t revolve around the owner there’s a true value in here to automate your workflow and training for your office staff. Any questions comments drop below click the link to check out the details, look forward to seeing you on either the live or yesterday’s replay of the webinar on the link below that goes into the exact details of what I’m talking about with a visual representation and we go over all the pricing so looking forward to talking to some people live or on yesterday’s replay of the automation here and if you’re on Service Autopilot you want more information, go up to the upper right hand corner under the little icon of the silhouette of the person marketplace it is probably one of the first or two listings Simple Growth’s automated video training for Service Autopilot. Look forward to seeing you on that webinar or on yesterday’s replay on the marketplace or on the link I just put in below