How detailed should a business be when creating services in their CRM.

Hey Mike Callahan here, had a quick question submitted: when creating an estimate particularly in their CRM which was Service Autopilot should they be setting up multiple services such as weekly or bi-weekly services in different one time services separately? The answer is absolutely yes, so when most people come to our 2-day deep dive where we sit knee-to-knee and build out Service Autopilot custom for people. Most people come in with 12 or maybe 13 services they think by the time we’re done we come out with about 130 to 140. Now some of these will be child services that the consumer does not see but that’s your glorified estimating checklist, so we’re gonna create budgeted time cost and profitability for each step of the estimate and the major benefit is, once we finish these jobs we can run job cost reports weekly vs bi-weekly vs one time and see your true profitability and every job you do and the frequency. It’s gonna give you clarity in your business what’s profitable and what’s not profitable and what you need to be charging to make sure you’re making bottom-line profit. Hopefully this helps and we’ll have a longer video coming in tomorrow