How much preparation and refining is needed to scale a business to 1 million in annual sales and beyond.

Hey Mike Callahan with a quick question that was submitted; how much preparation is needed to scale a business to 1 million and well beyond? Got me thinking here, I’m actually in downtown Pittsburgh for the ASCA Snow Show along with Snow Magazine and I’ve been in my hotel room here for the last four in a half to five hours literally with a clicker running around with a TV screen behind me getting ready for the talk and this is a 45-minute talk I’m also gonna be doing a panel discussion. I spent four and a half to five hours today just getting ready for one talk that’s 45 minutes so the question is how much time is needed to get in preparations needed the scale of business to a million and beyond? Well it’s a lot of time and the first thing that I would look at is going in and checking out and making sure your business model, your strategy and systems & processes are in check. So we want to start with your business model, we want to start with your business strategy and then the systems & processes. I’m gonna be talking a lot about this at the snow show tomorrow but when you see a business it’s a success overnight down the street you don’t see the 10 or 15 years and maybe 5 to 10 years depending on the business (sometimes longer sometimes shorter) that are behind the scenes. What I’m suggesting is the preparation to scale to a million to be on it whatever your goal is really needs to dial in right now at a business model and what is your model is it residential only? Is it commercial only? Is it residential and commercial? What’s the model? Clearly define it and take a look down the line not only now but what that is gonna look like in the future… is it including automation robotic mowers? Different robotics snow removal equipment that’s coming out? Those are the things we want to take a look at, is that model gonna be effective now and where the consumer is going to be? Just like Wayne Gretzky said he’s going to where the puck is going, make sure that your business model is scalable in the next 10 to 15 years where the market is going. Next thing is strategy, how do we break that down into yearly goals, quarterly and then weekly. Just like this talk I blocked off two quarters of my day here with travel and I blocked out four to five hours to make sure I could execute and bring excellent value in knowledgeable content for the attendees of the snow show here tomorrow in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and that is just for 45 minutes. So are you taking the time and blocking it out, with no distractions to make sure your model and your strategy and then that drives in the systems and processes for success. My guess is, if you are anything like me when I first started out and I started to try to scale the business, you’re not spending enough time. We need to get out of the business, as Michael Gerber says work on it and not in it. Just like I’m blocking off four to five hours from my talk for tomorrow, just like I block off four to five hours for our August event and in Rochester New York as well as our talk at Service Autopilot SA6. I’m gonna be coming up with Chris Volpe announcement coming out soon so that that’s gonna be huge. My correlation here is… are you blocking the time out undistracted away from your business to create a model of strategy and process and systems to hit that million mark or whatever your goals are well beyond that? My guess is if you were like me or not, so my talk of the day would be is what are you doing to block out that time to make sure you’re putting the time in to build out the model the strategy process and systems and then hopefully automate those processing systems and have some accountability for the strategy and implementation of that, that it does not revolve around you as the business owner day in and day out. So not an answer but more of a thought-provoking video today is if four to five hours is going into a 45 minute talk. How many hours in weeks of work in time needs to be dedicated to back out that five to ten year plan that you have based on your business strategy and model and processing systems. So my challenge for you is comment down below let me know how you’re blocking out that time, how much time are you spending on it on a quarterly or weekly basis to hit those goals and is there accountability piece? Just a Simple Growth in our company here that we have, basically daily or weekly accountability so I meet with the office for an hour on Mondays as far as billables, receivables, sales, any cancellations, new clients, anything that’s coming in the pipeline so we have a real clear description of what’s going on in and out of the business. On Tuesdays I meet with our development and support team to see what’s being developed what are what we’re trying to build out each quarter of the business and if we’re on track. Then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the whole team meets via screen share or in the office depending on where we’re at in the country, and we also have a key stakeholders meeting for anywhere in fifteen to twenty minutes every morning at 8 a.m. so we’re constantly holding each other accountable, there’s a constant flow of communication and we’ve blocked out that time to make sure our model, our strategy and systems & processes are all lining up. If you don’t block it out and you don’t guard your calendar it will never happen so I’m definitely not on a pedestal preaching on this one because time management is still not my strongest suit, but I will tell you when we went out of the business and that allowed us to grow in scale that business rapidly. So drop your comments and questions below; How are you blocking out your time and are you creating a model strategy systems processes all line up with group accountability, communication with your team and if I’m blocking out four to five hours here for a 45-minute talk put that in perspective of the time we really need to block out on a calendar to grow and scale a business to a million beyond.