Should you allow employees to take home company vehicles? (a safe alternative)

About to go back into the boardroom for another two day deep dive but had a question submitted should employees be able to take home work vehicles to and from work and my answer is absolutely not! After 25 years in the service industry, we have let certain employees take that home with varied success but pretty much 99.9 percent of the time it has absolutely ended in near disaster or disaster, so if you’re considering letting some of your key employees take that vehicle home whether it’s lawn care home cleaning or any other service based industry I would highly highly recommend against it. If you do decide you’re going to do that consult a lawyer and have them write up some kind of agreement that is for work only and they have basically stolen your vehicle if it is not from going from work to back. One of my buddies had someone take their work vehicle by mistake they were so intoxicated that they didn’t realize it was actually a work vehicle and went out and without getting in the story, cause some interesting harm and liability so basically beware do not let your employees take those vehicles home on a regular basis, if you need to do that, contact a lawyer. My opinion something that we tackled after learning the hard way at Callahan’s Lawn Care was we actually invested in Uber for business and this is something that we tested with our snow plow operators they had driver’s license really good guys and girls but they just didn’t have a way to get to work so for a very cheap price a few dollars a day depending on their location we basically used it as a benefit to basically get them Uber ride to and from work on a regular basis that we were able to schedule through the app. Now we haven’t done it this year but as of last year we were able to basically schedule pickup times and drop-off times through Uber particularly in the morning just to make sure they’re at work in time. What I would recommend is absolutely by all means if you can stay away from allowing your employees to take your work vehicles home. Believe it or not I came to make this stuff up I was driving home from the deep dive yesterday stopped and got a bottle of wine and there was a lawn care company local competitor in the area in a letter truck the gentleman was not the owner the company because I know who actually the owner is and what they look like but one of his employees at about 8:30 almost 9 o’clock at night was walking out of the liquor store with a bottle of booze. Heaven forbid that guy has a few drinks in that work truck and goes out and kills somebody they would be putting that gentleman’s business at risk and not alone just the business but all the employees and their families and their livelihood. So is it worth having one employee have a ride to and from work in risk your entire business and the livelihood of the remaining employees that you have, my opinion absolutely not so check with your state laws and your lawyer if you’re going to do this get something in writing protect yourself and basically have a hold harmless clause whereas they’re accepting responsibilities if they stole the vehicle if they are doing it outside of the driving to and from work in some states that may protect you by no means am I a legal expert but I know in some areas I’ve seen that actually hold up in law and that’s something pretty similar to what we did in our business at Callahan’s. I will tell you nine times out of ten whenever we let a manager or employee borrow truck to and from work when they’re having a hard time it never end well you’re better off lining up a ride with a a company employee or spend a few bucks and line up in Uber or Lyft and make that an additional benefit to get them to and from work and you can usually set appointments in the morning so they’re there on time but shorter answers that just don’t do it it’s not worth it. If you can’t find an employee that can get their own transportation or it’s a great employee they’ve had for a long time and it’s a short-term situation cough up a couple bucks it’s gonna be a hell of a lot cheaper to get them a Ride-share than it is to run the risk of them going out and killing somebody and you losing your entire business and all your employees lose their livelihood so just my thoughts and opinions on it the Uber Lyft ride share thing worked really awesome for a couple operators in snow removal which is in the worst of the worst conditions as far as getting an Uber or Lyft and we were able to do that on the fly. I want to say what’s up to Todd, he’s actually in my market and that’s something we did we Uber and Lyfted snow plow operators that were in machines so can be done in any industry love to hear your comments or questions we could something legally in writing if you’re going to do it all but I recommend not doing it. I’d rather lose a good employee and keep the foundational part of my business intact without that liability so hope all is well everybody else. if you are in the upstate New York area or you’re looking to travel to upstate New York area I’m gonna have a two day Service Autopilot implementer event out in Rochester New York here coming up in August gonna be releasing the dates on that. We’ve got a free one day essay implementer event for Service Autopilot in Dallas Texas the day before Service Autopilot’s SA6 so that’s a free event for one day and then we’ve got another event on the opposite end of Martha’s Woodward’s quality driven software in February the day after that event. 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We’ve got one of the top industry consultants in the cleaning industry working along with us to make sure this is dead nuts accurate and appropriate to your top-to-bottom deep cleans weekly bi-weekly monthly and move and move out cleans all pre-built marketing content and estimate production rates built in the system for you. Any comments or questions based on should you let your employees take the vehicles home absolutely not have them sign something written up by a lawyer if you must do it my opinion is go out and get them rideshare to and from work and you can set an appointment in the morning so they’re not late to work and if it’s a big deal breaker and that doesn’t work out I would let them go or lay them off in between it’s not worth risking your business and all your team members livelihood around that and we’ve we’ve done it with success in the middle of winter in the worst of the worst storms so if we can do it in the winter we can definitely do it in the cleaning industry or the lawn care industry or any other service industry during good weather in my opinion and it’s pennies on the dollar off that peace of mind. Hope you enjoyed the answer and we’ll be seen again alive so feel free to drop any other questions that you have we’re gonna be answering these daily so we’ll talk to you soon.