Overcoming customer fears and industry perception (value based selling vs price)

Hey Mike Callahan here, going into the hotel boardroom again for another two-day deep dive with simple growth. Had a question submitted earlier this week about value-based education versus selling out a price so it got me thinking about some of the things we do in our business it’s applicable to lawn care, home cleaning or any other service industry. Basically one of the things we did is we we avoided or actually didn’t avoid but we actually addressed any industry conceptions about snow removal in this example and what we looked at is basically the things that were negatives in residential snow plowing and what the biggest couple things were is how do you handle when the town plow absolutely buries a driveway after you’ve already been there and basically the jobs been done the satisfaction in an instance or something out of your control happens such as the town plow burying the driveway from the sidewalk or the town plow. So we addressed that upfront on our website actually gave live prices of what we charged it wasn’t an exact price but it was a range. That is one of the biggest consumer fears is when you hire a professional first service if something happens what is the charge? how much how much is it gonna cost? and how is it handled? So we were completely honest with the people upfront before the conversation even happened and it allowed us to overcome any of the sales or price objections before it happened. Another big big instance there is we addressed our satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not a hundred percent satisfied we’d come back with no questions asked to fix it free of charge and basically if you were not happy after that point we wouldn’t charge you at some points we would actually even pay a competitor of the consumers choice to go out and fix the problem if they were not happy with our final solution. The video today is really just talking about what are the good, the bad and ugly things associated with your industry whether it’s home cleaning, lawn care, snow removal and are you going to address them up front one thing we really recommend is address the elephant in the room because they’re there but if you go out and own the elephants that potentially are associated with your industry your gonna have the advantage over your competition. Address the things in your business that are stereotypical as far as not returning phone calls, not being reliable, not having insurance or in this example with the snow removal -how do we handle the things that not if they’re gonna happen but when they’re going to happen is there an additional charge… how’s it gonna be handled… and how do we handle that to make a great customer experience… Another example with snow removal is we made a lot of content in social media videos of when things happen if a truck went down and it’s not uncommon in snow removal industry that you are gonna have catastrophic breakdowns whether it’s a day or a day old truck or a 10 year old truck transmissions and things break but by addressing those up front to the consumer and let him know we are networked with a series of subcontractors and additional backup trucks internally that takes that fear-based objection out of the sales process and allows you to close the sale on the value that bring and the communication. We’ve also shown them different examples throughout the years of when these things do happen social media videos that we posted on our Facebook page and YouTube to alert people to let them know what’s going on how it’s going to affect them and how we’ve built in protection to give them the best possible service so any comments or questions drop below my challenge today is how are you going to address the industry perceptions the good, the bad and the ugly and I recommend putting them on your social media your website and if there’s any additional costs associated with some of these bad perceptions address them upfront so by the time you get to them with your quote they know exactly what’s gonna be included not included and if there’s any additional charges we’ve addressed that and overcome those sales and price objections to basically shorten that sale cycle and create higher perceived value that’s not necessary based on the bid or the quote that you’re giving them but on the value that you’re giving them a piece of mind and they’re not scared to buy that product from you because you are different than everyone else in your market because you’re willing to talk about it educate them and tell them how it’s going to be. So if your competitors are not willing to address these good, bad and ugly questions about your industry be the first to market do it in social media put it on your website and create a value based decision than your competitors going out and just selling on price price does not become the conversation when you go out and educate and you overcome these sales and price objections through education so we’re able to sell at a higher price and hopefully get better service. Any comments questions dropping below I’m about to be diving into this 2-day deep dive live in New York again second one in two weeks just a great time helping other small business owners get a handle on their workflow estimating procedures and other things like this far as marketing a social media content so we’ll see you again tomorrow in our next video.