Considering a two day deep dive to reinvent the way your company estimates and operates? This is what Joel has to say about last weeks two days with SimpleGrowth.

Im Joel with Kouski Landscape Company this is Matt he is our Operations Manager. We flew out here to New York on a limb, didn’t really know what to expect, just literally destroyed the service autopilot and dude I think you probably agree with me, after eight years of trying to run a business and not having a clear vision of what we’re doing – Mike 100% extracted everything out of us, got it all put into a system that he created and like after 48 hours we’re gonna take this back to the company with more clarity than we’ve had…ever. Stuff that we have been working on for a year or two years trying to get done, we got done in two days. Trying to figure out the workflows right and just like hammering it out like were smart people, we know what needs to be done, but this dude made sense of all this stuff right, so the fact that he exists is very unique across any industry but the fact that he’s here with us in the landscape / lawn care industry we’re very blessed. If anybody’s asking my opinion, I’m gonna tell you to drop the cash. Go there and do it like he’s not asking us to say this I’m just legit telling you- the value that you’re gonna get out of this will be returned for a long time I mean that for sure so Mike thank you very much.