Training your team to new software updates and workflow. While creating goals and crushing them at the same time!

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Hey Mike Callahan, I wanted to make a quick video today, I’ve been down in the lab here home office pretty much all day outside of a few consulting calls or sales calls and wanted to talk about going out and creating a new workflow for training new software and updates so many of the users of Service Autopilot are going to be encounter and already are encountering V3 their new user interface and updates. While doing that in the Simple Growth team here in order to support and retain our team and support our clients we’ve had to go through and re-evaluate how we actually train our team and continue the day-to-day grind of the business. I think that’s very similar to any of the lawn care home cleaning folks that are going to be basically in the same situation as my team right here is we’ve got to figure out how do we go out and train the new workflow and optimization of the software while continuing to go out and clean those homes, mow those lawns especially in the lawn care industry right now on the spring rush or in the cleaning industry if you’ve kind of pivoted and got into disinfectant with COVID-19. The idea here is what I’ve done is the first step is actually documented here on a whiteboard behind me my quarterly sprints and the team’s quarterly sprint so these are my big objectives to myself but on a board called Monday and a software program that we use we use a quarterly sprint or objective and we’ve come up with these objectives on team and basically we’ve set these quarterly objectives down to monthly and weekly goals for accountability but we’ve had to go in now and to my recollection or accounting of the different updates in Service Autopilot up to release number two in the new updates their doing which are phenomenal from the ones we’ve seen already you’re gonna make people’s lives a lot easier there are about 138 – 140 either videos or text training template that actually our team is breaking down in training and it gots us thinking as we started talking as a teams how are we going to go together as a team and one of the busiest parts of ourseason and be able to digest 138 – 148 new training modules and parts of workflow and be able to actually go out and train our team and then train our customers at Simple Growth. What we did is we divided and conquered so there are some core areas in the v3 updates that are going out already and are going to be released in version two in version and release number three from. What we’ve seen as a certified advisor is that there are some key areas and I’m actually just gonna walk over and look at my screen so I don’t butcher them but they are gonna be our internal form training so the v3 forms is one area they’re focusing on the next one is accounting the next one is jobs how they’re dispatched and all the different functions with jobs there is also basically the account screen the CRM client or lead screen is getting completely revamped really sleek really clean but going through v3 forms, accounting, jobs and the account screen those four main areas those were our focus on as we’re breaking it down here on the our sprint board so how do we go out and continue to provide value to our customers, continue to put money in the bank and build these services but train and learn how to use new software so our answer is Simple Growth which you know feel free to borrow is we’ve conquered and divided so we’ve broke those four main areas up in each person or each group on our team has become the expert whether it’s jobs, forms, the account-stream or accounting and then we’re gonna go in and actually cross train. What we found is we were starting to document this with internal videos how to actually look at it so was we really needed to get a high-level overview that 40,000 square-foot view of how all these new updates affect the entire workflow and once you really get into the weeds it’s hard to kind of see how they all build upon each other and that’s been our success of training Service Autopilot and using ourselves is we started out at a 40,000 square foot view and then started from the beginning from lead acquisition through estimating through scheduling, billing and fulfilment and created a basically a structured way to build upon that for a solid understanding well most people come to a two-day deep dive in New York that’s something we build upon and that is usually an aha moment. If you’re gonna go out and tackle the new way to use Service Autopilot I’m recommending especially in the spring rush breaking it into those four core areas so they’re gonna be forms, accounting, jobs and account screens but when you’re doing it have the team make a video or at least present it but before they get into the nitty-gritty have them give an overview of how it lays into the whole system so I’ll give you a real brief example as we’re about to hire well actually just did hire 11th team member and they’re actually starting tomorrow so we’re using automated video training for some of our remote training but one of the things we talked about in the training which is fresh because I just recut the video last night was RingCentral it’s our voice over IP phone system so in order for a new hire to understand what RingCentral was we broke down on a very high level that we utilize RingCentral as a voice over IP voiceover internet provider system and that is our external communication for phone calls and text messages inbound and outbound. Now our internal communication or at least one of them is Slack and that’s an internal communication but it’s more of an internal messaging system that’s done so external communication happens through RingCentral and internal communication happens through Slack but by laying a really high-level basic understanding that new hire then understands what is appropriate how it actually interacts with the training workflow in our business. So I’m gonna recommend it if you are going out and tackling the new v3 releases so the release number ones already out release number two I have a feeling is on its way and then release number three right now from my accounting there’s about 138 to 140 basically knowledge bases that we have to tackle to be able to use it fully. We’re breaking it up in the four sections and then we’re gonna crosstrain our teams or each group on our team is gonna be dialing in to a certain part of it then we’re gonna cross train and document it but before we some to our other team members we’re gonna give them that hi / overview that 40,000 square feet view of how it it affects the foundation of building and workflow of a Service Autopilot in our business and everybody else’s business. Then what we’ve done for accountability here in my office we’ve documented our quarterly sprints down to the month and week for accountability and I’ve got this in my office because I like to see it on the wall but in our project management board Monday we’ve actually documented these things as well so on our team meetings we can go in and say okay where are we at with these things of where are we going. Really exciting, got a lot of cool things coming up down the pipeline with Simple Growth but I wanted just to take a page out of your notebook of how we’re actually tackling v3 integration and training and how if you’re interested you could take a page out of our book and the lessons we’ve learned in the last three to four years training Service Autopilot and use that with your team especially in the spring rush whether it’s lawn care or home cleaning times are a little crazy right now in training remotely with a remote office with COVID can also be challenging but this is something we’ve been doing here for awhile and I believe we’ve got it pretty well figured out so I wanted to share that knowledge with you. Comments or questions drop them below. I hope everybodys doing well. Watch out this Friday at 12 Central – 1:00 p.m. Eastern so thats 12 Central 1:00 p.m. Eastern I’ve got Nikki and John DeCausmaker maker coming on of call boss Little John’s Lawn care located out in Arizona’s, we’re gonna be talking some knowledge and experience I’ve had in both those business as well so I want to say what’s up to Chris Baker, Brian and Anthony so hope all’s well guys and we will see you tomorrow on Callahan’s Corner

Callahan’s Corner: 6 Ways to pivot your marketing in these challenging times to win!

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6 ways to pivot your marketing in these challenging times to win and honestly a lot of companies are doing this right a lot of companies are doing this absolutely wrong. I want to break down six simple ways to pivot the angle or the hook of your marketing especially on Facebook to make things right now works for you and continue to double down and build those sales that we’ve talked about in previous episodes. So the idea here is we really don’t want to go out and try to capitalize on this situation of people getting sick and all the fear things like that but there is a really good way to pivot your messaging because right now social media engagement is on an all-time high in if you have a product or service which I believe you do which can actually help people now is the time to actually double down and do that but there is a right way and wrong way of doing this so we don’t want to make it fear-based and talk about COVID or all the things that are going on but here I’m gonna go over six really simple ways to pivot your your marketing hook or angle to actually drive more sales and not basically try to be preying on the bad times that are going on. Before I do that, if you have any comments or questions drop them below I’m in the library recorded version I’m happy to answer them live. The first one is for your headline or topic of your Facebook ad or organic post is stress reduction so obviously right now everybody’s an all-time high stress level these are unheard of times and a lot of uncertainty. One of the things you can do in home clean or lawn care is basically go in and stress- stress reduction so don’t worry about having to go out and maintain the lawn or disinfect or clean your home right now after you’re done working at home and dealing with the stress of the family and kids and everything else that’s going on in your normal but not normal day right now so if we can talk about how your product or service reduces stress without mentioning COVID-19 in the headline this is a really easy way to get in there and drive an ad that’s going to convert and actually offer a solution to the issues that are going on right now. The next one work from home and not deal with your lawn care responsibilities or your cleaning responsibilities so everybody right now for the most part unless they’re essential is working from home this is anew reality so how do we go in and catch their attention with that headline working from home now but you don’t want to deal with or don’t have to deal with your lawn care or home cleaning responsibilities that you traditionally have to do. So we can go in and relate to where they are and offer a solution to the additional things they probably don’t want to deal with after working from home all day. Next thing is free delivery so this may not be particular to lawn care or home clean but a lot of lawn care companies will go out and deliver mulch or firewood or if you own a nursery maybe free delivery based on the plant products or the bulk products so offer free delivery because a lot of people don’t want to go out of their houses if you’re in New York like I am there’s actually a lot of restrictions around non-essential travel. The fourth one is spend extra time with your family so extra family time right now maybe you’re feeling guilty that you’re cooped up say in the office like this and you haven’t been able to spend time with your family like you normally would you’re distracted trying to get your job done in this unusual work at home environment so take the extra time outside of working from home and spend that with your family by basically utilizing our lawn care home cleaning services were addressing where they’re at and then we’re entering them the ideal scenario what could be if they use our services. Next one is boredom stop staring out the window at your uncapped landscape or boredom while you’re at home working stop staring at your uncapped house and dirty dishes or the different things that you’re doing maybe it’s time for a deep clean and disinfectant out of that house because there’s boredom people aren’t normally doing what they’re doing and that getting out of their house they’re not getting out of the property so their boredom is starting them to focus on all the things that are wrong in their yard or home it this time so we can address that and hey is your board and causing you to look at your uncapped landscape here’s our solution the desired end result. Then the sixth and final one is his emphasis on online services or shops so once again if you have say a nursery or more of a brick-and-mortar business around the lawn care industry we’re gonna ampthis on the online services or shop so one of the things you potentially could do is tie into a facebook Messenger bot or an online shopping cart you create an online product solution where people can go and buy your services online and have product delivery or very similar to the facebook Messenger Bots have been driving through Mobile’s is people can go in and get property specific pricing based on Zillow square footage of livable home square footage or lot square footage and buy and shop online and then have that product or service delivered in real time at their property without ever having to leave the comforts of their home. Six ways to basically pivot your marketing in these challenging times and headlines and ways to approach that without being a sleazy salesperson addressing a fear-based sale is strict stress reduction, work from home and not deal with your lawn care or home cleaning needs have someone do it for you, free delivery, extra time with your family if you’re confined to your home workspace office or most of the day spend the extra time with your family, boredom stop staring at the issues you may be having in your yard or the uncapped house and then an emphasis on the online shopping experience and potential different product deliveries Comments or questions drop below but I wanted to address six ways to pivot your marketing these challenging times to win more customers and not put them off as a sleazy sales pitch based on opportunity or opportunistic marketing on what’s going on in the current environment. Callahan’s Corner we will see you again tomorrow

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