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Hey Mike Callahan here hanging out at QDS 2020 in Savannah Georgia with Martha Woodward and a bunch of the top industry leaders in the service industry. Big topic lately is conversational marketing and conversational marketing in my opinion is the next shift in buying habits. The quick question I would propose is what’s the commonality of Uber, Netflix, Amazon and what have they done?  Basically what they’ve done is figured out how to deliver real-time buying decisions and availability. The analogy that I would use is imagine that it’s the holidays and you want a new big-screen TV and you’ve got cash in hand then you’re ready to buy this TV so you go out to Best Buy or whatever the electronic store is, and you get to the back you see the TV and you like it so you’re ready to buy it so you go to the cash register basically now and instead of something being there to actually sell you the TV they’ve actually got a clipboard with a form and what they do is (fictitiously now) force you to fill out the form but put your name your address your email all your information and basically when they’re ready to sell you that TV they’ll get back to you so obviously that is not gonna fly. What you’re probably gonna do is pick up your phone hop on Amazon and find the same exact TV and buy it live and with your Amazon Prime it’s probably going to be sitting at your doorstep two days later. The issue that most service businesses have right now is we’re doing just that we’re driving people to a website and forcing them to fill out a form and what we’re telling them is we’ll get back to you and actually sell you the product when it’s convenient for us as a company. If you’re looking at the new shift in buying habits people want real-time decision and the ability to actually buy when it’s convenient for them– this is what conversational marketing tackles, we go in and have real-time buying decisions 24/7 through an automation or a bot Facebook message is a great example. The idea would be is we don’t get rid of the traditional forms on our website because they still work but most people now are not wanting to engage with your brand some people may still want to engage with us we’re leaving it there but what we’re doing is assisting that form with a real-time bot with AI (artificial intelligence) and it’s kind of like to choose your own adventure so if the person is interested in weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing or fertilization the bot is smart enough to know where the conversation is going and it’s reducing that the repetitive and tedious tasks that we all don’t like to do or delegate so when we do that the bot has a real time buying experience and it can basically alert a real-time person to jump in live on the back end of the bot, if your office is open, to pick up that hot lead, your customer or if you wanted to build it out even more advanced you can tie it in and create an automated pricing tool inside the bot and it’s something that we’ve done the Callahan’s Lawn Care for probably the last four almost five years believe it or not. What happens is that bot goes out to Zillow and grabs the lot square footage or grabs the liveable home square footage for home for cleaning and it gives property specific pricing based on your property in the back. So if we’re just driving people to a static form on our website I feel like we’re basically putting ourselves in the position of the cab driver that got put out of business by Uber basically. This shift is happening in other industries with the service industry on a whole is not paying attention so conversational marketing is having real life time real time decision or conversations with your consumer or potential consumer and hopefully driving a human in to actually work the lead when they’re hot and ready to buy, if the office is not open at least you’re engaging with them will give the ability to close the sale and take them off the market when if we don’t give them that real-time buying experience they’re going to the next website that will. The challenge today is will you adopt conversational marketing in your service business to get ahead of this next technology shifting buying habits. Comments or questions drop below but I wanted to address this because it’s a hot topic here at QDS 2020 in Savannah Georgia. We’ll see you a little bit later today Callahan’s corner where you ask the question we answer them special guest Scott Howard at Service Autopilot actually join me we’re going to talk about leads and how to handle different leads and the status of those leads in the estimating and sales pipeline so we’ll post more information on that later. Main topic here’s conversation of marketing and creating real-time decisions or conversations 24/7. A quick example that was literally we were testing bots on my phone for Simple Growth and what happened is between 10 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. I forgot to actually turn off the notifications my phone vibrated so much for people interacting with the bot that it actually drove my phone right off the nightstand obviously most businesses aren’t open between 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. but 80% of the conversation maybe even more than that was happening between 10:00 p.m.and 3:00 a.m. so if your service business is not giving people to have the chance of a live conversation in those off hours where people are searching on the internet after the kids go to bed or the relaxing you’re missing out on a lion’s share of the potential work that you could be selling. Comments or questions drop them below and we will see you later today on Callahan’s corner with special guest Scott Howard

Biggest mistake business owners can make.

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Mike Callahan making a quick video in the airport right now on my way to Savannah Georgia for the Quality Driven Software conference and the one-day bootcamp with Debbie Sardone and Mike Callahan going over sales marketing and automations and everything cutting edge in your sales and marketing system. One of the questions I always get is what is the biggest mistake that service business owners are making whether it’s lawn care, home cleaning, pest control, pool service you name it business owners in general . My answer to that is they stop learning and networking and getting outside of their comfort area. One of the keys to success and a lot of the people in my ecosystem that I respect greatly is that there is a constant thirst for knowledge and a constant thirst for innovation so when we stop learning we stop driving and innovating our businesses will die so the three takeaways today is never stop growing your business because as soon as you stop growing your business you lose the thirst and drive to learn and innovate and dominate your market. One of the key success in my lawn care company over the last 25 years I think has been really my ability to get outside of my comfort zone get outside of my area of upstate New York as soon as I started working with other like-minded individuals and got away from the self-imposed perceptions and the public’s perception of a service business of the Chuck in a truck per se with the guy or girl at a truck, lawnmower broke down, weed wacker and just not returning phone calls not providing good service no insurance those perceived and imposed perceptions on the service industry can definitely start making a business owner think that that’s literally what their industry is all about but I will tell you the service industry right now is rich in merger and acquisition the reason it is is because there’s a lot of individuals out there right now driving and pushing the envelope and how they’re doing is they’re getting out of their markets they’re going conferences like QDS or SA6 or SA7 next year or even different industry events so there’s a lot of guys and girls in the lawn care industry going in QTS which is predominantly a home cleaning conference but the thing is I’ve taken more away from some of the cleaning conferences or other non industry-specific conferences from the industry I’m in because their perspective is a little bit different focused and forced me to look at things just a little bit different in those little fine-tuning ways to the way I do business have been instrumental. The challenge today is don’t make the biggest mistake that most business owners make continue to grow your business continue to thrive and by doing that it’s going to force you to go out and get an education to out learn your competition be the innovator and see what the market is going so very similar to Wayne Gretzky’s analogy he was going to be where the puck is going to be not where it is right now so he wanted to be where the puck is gonna be not where it is. The biggest mistakes don’t be like the other people in your market get out of your market go out buy an education out learn your competition and adopt new technology and see where that shift is going to be and set yourself up for success by getting out of your market and hanging out with industry leaders like Debbie Sardone or Jonathan Potoschnik of The Lawn Care Millionaire and these folks have that knowledge and that drive as well as myself we’re gonna be out here in San Diego or I mean Savannah Georgia tomorrow for a full day boot camp literally teaching cutting edge and bleeding at technology how to go out and out learn and out adopt your competition so I want to say what’s up to Jennifer from The Bot Team what’s up she is a mover and shaker in the technology field as well I want to say what’s up – Keith but biggest mistake I think that most business owners can make right now is not going out and getting an education getting outside of the market and getting uncomfortable and when you get uncomfortable it forces you to change and it forces you to adopt these new technologies and when you do such you’re the disruptor in your market and when you disrupt your market your business will grow exponentially and if you do it right in my opinion automated you can start buying that time back for your from your friends but for the business to spend more time with your friends and family and build a lifestyle that you actually want and desires. Get out there outlearn your competition want to say what’s up there Adrian as well buddy hit me up I know you want out learn and I’ll grow your competition so we definitely need to hook up and get some things rolling for your brother but Adrian’s just shaking it up in upstate New York market as well he’s a mover and shaker get out there out learn your competition adopt new technology get outside of your comfort zone and when you stop growing your business it starts to die because it doesn’t force you to learn and it doesn’t force you to adopt new technology to be successful comments questions drop below I’m on a plane and I will see everyone in Savannah Georgia One day boot camp with Debbie Sardone Mike Callahan and QDS quality driven software than Martha Woodward and she’s a lady who’s definitely shaking it up in the service industry

SimpleGrowth 2 day remote training event March 9th & 10th and Boot camp with Debbie Sardone

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Hey Mike Callahan here want to make a quick video really excited just wrapping up my date today at the office with getting just amazing amount of content put together for this week’s event this Thursday in Savannah Georgia with Debbie Sardone. We’re doing a one-day boot camp tackling technology and sales so really excited to see everybody down in Savannah Georgia this week for QDS quality driven software with Martha Woodward’s conference the day before this Thursday. Debbie Sardone and I are gonna be doing a one-day boot camp where I’m going in talking about automation, conversational marketing everything that’s new that’s cutting and bleeding edge in technology and then Debbie’s Coming in and following out the sales process thats helped her grow just one of the most amazing businesses out in Lewisville Texas in the cleaning industry. No matter the industry looking forward to seeing everybody at QDS the day before this week with Debbie Sardone but on top of that huge announcement., want to say what’s up to Krista as well but huge announcement coming up March 9th and 10th everybody’s been asking for it the last two years we haven’t had the time or ability to do it we’ve actually carved out two days in the beginning of March- March 9th and 10th the Simple Growth two day implementer event 16 – 17 hours of content given to you over a live webinars take a look next on the next day or two probably tomorrow during my travel out to Savannah we’re gonna be posting some videos about it and some information . If you’ve ever wanted to come to the New York implement event the Tampa implementer event or the one-day implementer event we did before SA6 you now can join us live from the comfort of your home or office and have your whole entire team join via computer or screening the office. As an added bonus we’ve actually figured out how to record the live event and if you go in and sign up for the two-day implementer event you’re gonna be able to have up to six months access to 16 to 17 hours of literally Simple Growth teachings how to setup simple Service Autopilot literally from lead acquisition to price matrices services estimating grids templates everything that needs to be in an estimate your proper workflow from winning and losing an estimate scheduling routing billing and everything more to do with Service Autopilot proper setup. If that wasn’t enough hopefully live here in a little bit in the next few days when we announce the actual sign up. Drop a comment in the video here live or recorded if you want to be alerted when we put that sign up there’s gonna be a limited amount of people that we allow to sign up to get the recorded version of it but it’s gonna be an added bonus for our existing customer base when we release this out . We’ll see you again later this week Thursday from 9 to 5p.m. at the Brice hotel if you signed up for the one-day boot camp with Debbie Sardone Mike Callahan and Chad from the Simple Growth team then we’ll be hanging out at QDS all week and literally answering questions around how to set up Service Autopilot automations and all things messenger and Facebook bots so hopefully see in Savanna if not I want to see you live on the Simple Growth 2-day implementer event March 9th and 10th coming live from upstate New Yorkin your office or home we’ll see you there

Service Autopilot: Set up for success (the ultimate blueprint) audio starts about 1 minute in.

Spring time marketing: offline and online attack plan

Batch your daily work and AVOID fire fighting.

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Let go of your legos [ and let the other kids play] the other team mates in your business

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Hey Mike Callahan here with a quick video, wanted to kind of expand on a book I’ve been reading here This Won’t Scale by the Marketing Team of Drift and the premises of one of the things the scale of business quickly was to let go of your Legos and basically let the other kids play or basically your other teammates and I’m gonna take a couple couple snaps snippets out of the book in this this video but very interesting perspective and all of us in business want to scale and grow a business extremely fast. Starting out my lawn care company we had some obviously pretty slow growth growing through high school college we had a couple crews and then we learned how to market the business scaled exponentially quick and the issue is when we grew fast I didn’t know how to let go now in perspective my other business Simple Growth we’re hitting some of the growth hurdles that we hit Callahan’s Lawn Care every three to five years I’m hitting them every three to five months. I’m going out and buying an education and kind of betting basically letting down my guard and basically learning from the mistakes I’ve made in the past and then how we overcame them getting some outside industry perspective of how other companies scale extremely quick and now for the business owner to get out of their own way to allow this to happen and it’s pretty interesting here so I’m gonna actually pull a couple things out of this book here. Basically the ideais what is needed for fast growth in the owner’s mindset and the team’s mindset aswe grow because as we grow exponentially the position you have today is probably not the position you should have in three to six months from now so out of the book here and I’ll show you the book and that’s in a few minutes but basically in any given moment you need to be ready to let go of your legos and let the other kids play basically you’re your teammates so basically the fast growth must be driven from inside the company and in reality that means every employee must be ready to take on new responsibilities and let go of the old one so one of the biggest things at least I find as a business owner is I’m hesitant to let go of what I’m doing now because I think it’s instrumental to the success of the business but in reality the business owner really needs to be the visionary and set the path and if they’re doing the sales role or the onboarding role or the training role or out in the field still that is something you need psychologically to be able to disconnect from and  be able to let that go so the challenge that I’m putting forward today as we grow to scale our service business is everybody on our team that’s a key player should psychologically be ready to give up what they’re doing now in the short term to go in and involve into that next role. Very interesting take it’s a very quick read this won’t scale it’s by the drift marketing team if you’re gonna be in Savannah Georgia next week I’m gonna be hanging out with Debbie Sardone the day before QDs Martha Woodward’s event and talking about conversational marketing and drift is conversational marketing among some other things that we’re doing Facebook marketing and we’re talking about the bleeding edge shift in buying habits and with the technology right now businesses are scaling quickly in this really talks about how to adapt to that shift but basically hyper growth or extreme growth needs to be driven with inside the company and the reality means that every employee must be ready to take on new responsibilities and let go of the existing ones of the old one so this is tough play for most people to to grasping I myself not on a pedestal here preaching by any means I’ve struggled with this in the past and that’s something in Simple Growth that I’ve learned that I’ve had to take to take that mindset in and basically in a fast growing company you can’t afford to get territorial over your job from day one you need to accept that every single goal task and output will be someone else’s responsibility soon so the sooner as business owners we’re able to accept that what we’re doing now is not gonna be ours forever and we’re able to document the system and create a system that can be trained and replicated throughout the organization the further ahead we are . My challenge and talk today is give the mind said that your your job and your position in your business as the business owner manager is not one for the long term its short-term you need to delegate that off so you continue to support and push the mission and vision of that company and drive culture from the top down in and in order to do that we need to document and systematize each process you do in order to be able to hand it off in the in the near future so as the book says let your Legos go and let the other kids play so the other kids meaning the other team members yeah also have to come to the realization at least in my opinion that there’s other team members on your team that are going to be able to do the job that you’re doing just as well if not better um and one of the realizations that I recently had in the last week or so not even prominent last day or two is we’ve got anew gentleman on the simple growth team Dillan and he was actually one of our first automation clients and Dillan was able to take the onboarding process with caller to its some training but he had just as good insight if not probably better than my insight I’m gonna say probably better because he understood as consumer of Simple Growth what the onboarding process felt like as someone on the other end of the computer so he’s been through the process himself and he was able to connect some of the dots that I just honestly was not able to connect as clearly so my mindset had to change and said you know what onboarding calls at Simple Growth probably are not the best position for me I’ve Documented the process system and Diilan as another team member came in and helped me build upon it to make it better so I gotta let go of my leg oh so good chance if you’re doing an onboarding call with Simple Growth here with the next week or so you’ll be talking to Dillan instead of me. When letting go my Legos to let the other kids play I realize it might be advantageous to make a video but real quick read This Won’t Scale it’s by Drift by the Drift team pretty good book and preet pre insightful how to scale a business with hyper growth and hypergrowth is pretty tough in a service industry but if you get marketing right and you’re ready to adapt to things like conversational marketing in like automated bots or Facebook bots the different things that are happening right now as it shift as well as automations. With automations and conversational marketing the whole game is shifting right now it’s gonna cause exponential growth so instead of just going up a little bit we’re gonna see that spike right up kind of like the hockey stick so as the companies that are early adopters bleeding edge of automations and technology get ready for that hyper growth because that’s exactly what we saw in my company six or seven years ago when we were the early adopters to automations before it was a thing in the service industry we literally grew so fast and almost went out of business and the mistake that I made there is I was not ready to initially give up my role as quickly and if we’re willing to do that in that psychological mind shift we’re able to grow even quicker and that leadership or visionary role of the business owner is gonna continue to evolve and if that’s not your place in the business that’s okay if you can recognize it but if you recognize it then I would highly suggest putting that visionary where that individual in place that can drive culture and organization and help you hire fire and train to the mission and vision and values and build that core leadership team. The idea of the video is come to the acceptance that your position in multiple positions underneath you will not remain in the same position it’s going to change as the business scale. Comments or questions leave them below  it was very interesting let go of your Legs And let the other kids play basically your team members so you need to know that your position is not there forever temporary so you need to be able to document it systematize it and let somebody else come in who’s just as capable not probably more capable than you to run that position as you evolve your cooperation I’m in service business exponentially. Want to say what’s up to Jerry Guevara another gentlemen out there just crushing his business and probably gonna be in the same boat as we are so Jeremy are you willing to let go of your Legos is the question and everybody else out there. If you’re watching live feel free to drop some comments and if you’re willing to let go your Legos and evolve and come to the realization that the position that you hold in your business probably shouldn’t be the position in your business you’re gonna be holding in seven eight maybe twelve months so whenever you’re going into this season there’s probably a good realization that if you’re growing the business appropriately that you shouldn’t be in that position in twelve months from now. Comments or questions drop below live or record it be watching for the next 24 to 48 hours and we’ll be coming at you again tomorrow with a live edition Callahan’s corner asking your questions were you asked the question and answer them live on facebook live so gota pretty good pile of questions piled up and we’ll be diving through to answer the most of those this week here on Facebook live on another edition of Callahan’s quarter coming up.

Ever wonder what a fully automated CLEANING estimate looks like in Facebook Messenger…

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What services should a new lawn care business add ( as well as established )

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Biggest key to success when we actually figured out our and defined our service offering so with working well over five with five or six hundred contractors here in just the last probably year, year and a half it seems to be a common question or I might even phrase it as an issue . My answer the question is what should a young or new lawn care company focus on adding new services and I’m gonna frame this as in addition what should establish company look at adding a service as well is the idea is we want to create a course that’s focused on two maybe three services these going to be our gateway services and these gateway services predominantly in a lawn care industry are going to be lawn mowing and fertilization and basically the idea is to sell these gateway services over the phone there is a need for basically speed and implementation to sell your services now the new buyer does not want to wait for you to drive out to their house and do an in-person estimate now obviously that’s needed for some services so the idea is grab a cor gateway service two or three lawn mowing fertilization maybe aeration and overseeding something can be sold over the phone via satellite now sometimes the satellite imagery isn’t perfect but at least it’s gonna take them off the market and stop shopping they’ve bought adjust that price but nine times out often that satellite imagery is is close enough to base a price on. What we’re gonna do is create a core offering of gateway services we sell over the phone that can be sold quickly and then where we add our services is our ancillary upsell so this in most industries is called expansion in lawn care most service industries we consider and call this an upsell but the idea is to sell your gateway services that you can sell over the phone close the sale within twenty to thirty days we go out and add additional services. Now the additional services in my opinion are interesting because you really want to go out and pick some additional services that can be performed at the same time while you’re already at the property if possible so maybe it’s landscape bed maintenance maybe its perimeter pest maybe it’s a mosquito control aeration and overseeding whatever these services can be added on while we’re already there is going to exponentially drive bottom-line profits and efficiencies so not only are you doing a fertilization weed control app but you’re applying the grub control basically the same application and billing the customer twice were there mowing the lawn but maybe we have a certified pesticide technician on that crew they can do perimeter pass or mosquito control or fire ants these are all ideas that I would suggest honing in on and creating a coreservice that is not really complex it’s scalable and you can go out and do it while at the same time there. There is a lot of money to be made in design-build forsure irrigation setup I’m not gonna deny these things but what I’ve found in my personal experience and working with you know five or six hundred business owners now just in lawn and lands right in the last year and a half is design-build traditionally is revolving around the business owner and the skill set that’s in their head it’s not scalable to a fact that the business owner is not involved in the day-to-day operations now some of the large multi multi-million dollar businesses it’s the lawn and landscape top 100 obviously fiscale passed that in its delegate abel and scalable but if you’re a young business my idea would be stick to a recurring maintenance service lawn mowing fertilization something that’s recurring we’re compounding the interest in the the wealth bottom line so if you ever go to sell the business or you’re looking to make a retirement plan out of it there’s a value there because you have recurring revenue that’s gonna have a higher multiplier when you go to sell or go to get a line and credit thebank and then those gateway services that we sell over the phone we are gonna go out and actually sell additional ancillary services upsell or expansion basically to raise that client lifetime value. When we’d go to raise that client lifetime value we’re looking for additional services that can be done while we’re already at the property or worst case scenario at your existing customer base we continue to raise that client lifetime value and it’s a higher profit margin service that we’re usually upselling through expansion after we get the gateway services such as lawn mowing, fertilization or maybe aeration and overseeding over the phone. The idea is don’t make you complex don’t offer too many things have two or three things that you’re really really good at and then go out 10 to 20 days later and upsell through expansion and raise the recurring revenue and profitability on each client. Keep it simple keep it predictable keep it delegate-able wouldn’t suggest diving in at a young company by any means to design build or irrigation install that’s a whole different beast and it’s going to involve you as the business owner for a lot longer than it will for setting up a maintenance company that can be delegated quickly and scaled on recurring revenue whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly mowing or weekly or bi-weekly cleaning in the home cleaning industry and then we’re going out and up selling ancillary services through expansion to continue to compound the lifetime value of that client. Comments or questions drop them below, hopefully that was helpful but though that’s what how I would tackle it as anew young company and if I’m an older established company I’m going to take a look at my existing service offerings and start to condense them down for a streamline efficiency that can be scaled without the business owner having to babysit and be there as the knowledge center so we’re looking at reoccurring services with upsells while we’re already there. Comments questions dropped below and hopefully that was helpful

Ever wondered what an automated plowing quote looks like on Facebook Messenger? Check it out