The difference between ordinary and dominating your market.

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Using video in your delegated “to do’s” for accountability and desired results

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Mike Callahan here, want to make a quick video. Been talking to a lot of people in the lawn care industry and even home cleaning industry for that matter – talking about delegating systems in your business and basically taking that knowledge silo, everything that is in the manager or business owner’s head and how to delegate it through your organization so you are not the single point of failure. So one of the stories I was talking about, and examples I gave at GIE and SA6 was last year when I was at GIE , Paul the gentleman that ran my lawn care company had basically a to-do or repetitive task assigned to him and it told him he needed to winterize all the spray tanks for the fertilizing division before a certain deadline and what the automation of repetitive task to-do did was it assigned the instructions of what Paul needed to do, when he need to do it, and instructions and a deadline. So you can see under the screen here I’m going to show you how we take a video of a process with a shopping list that’s kind of already in this video and delegate that through a to-do with accountability and a deadline assigned to a specific person. Before this repetitive task or automation that we did, I would have to tell people when it needed to be done, how to do it, basically stand next to them and tell them – hey this is what you actually need to accomplish in this job. So this example they needed a bucket, so many gallons of antifreeze and chemical safety gloves for personal protective equipment . I’m going to show you how to take this video and embed this into an automation for prodicable workflow through this process here. So I’m going to go into Service Autopilot and I’m going to into Marketing and into Automations – I’m just going to make a real simple automation. Going to Add Automation, and I’m not going to get into the logic of automations but show you how to use the feature of the to do with a video embedded in it. The to-do plays the video with the homework so now we have automated ourselves as the training or accountability mechanism of the business through an automation, I’m going to hit Save and this is the sequence we are doing so I’m just going to put test sequence and hit save. Now we’re going to build some logic around this but for the example we’re not going to get into that. The next thing we’re going to create some logic around certain time of the year and who its assign to, but when we go in and pull in a todo here this is where the rubber hits the road and this is what we’re looking at. We’re going to go in and name the todo – Winterize Fert tanks, were going to assign it to a certain employee or a certain roll so i’m going to go in and assign it to myself and the todo type here is we can go in and select the document so I’m going to show you how to do it inside the actual automation you can link this to a document as well and were going to say this is due within 14 days so will give him 2 weeks to do it, and we can show it on the calendar if we want if were in the cleaning industry and use a dispatch calendar because that will be a great way to see what our maintenance looks like coming up. The main part of the video is to go into the todo body – we go in and type in whatever we want in the todo body based on what needs to be done. We are going to go in and explain – hey were going in and creating all these process for winterizing the spray tanks so that’s the written text, if they are a visual learner we’re going to go into youtube and this video is great it is by the manufacturer and they actually walk through the process of what needs to be done. Now we made a lot of these videos internally in Callahans by ourselves but the manufactures a lot of them actually have these videos now. So we go in now and go to share go to the embed code grab that embed code and no matter the CRM or if your not using Service Autopilot there’s different ways you can create these automated processes in your business so this isn’t just particularly Service Autopilot, this is how we tackle it in SA. Now we go into edit the document we’re going to hit the source code and we are going to go into the code view and paste it in…now we have a video that plays live inside the actual todo so when this is assigned and triggers off for the employee to do this task we can have our written text of what’s done when it’s due and we set those things as far as the dates and time range and when were showing it and who its assigned to but then in the body of the todo we have the written text of what they should do and how they should do it, their shopping materials and the video so now there’s nothing left for chance and the employee is relying on to do and the knowledge base inside the to do and not the business owner manager. This is going to allow you to create a turnkey business that doesn’t revolve around you as the business owner manager and it creates predictable systems with a high level of accountability where you can log in remotely whether your on the beach, across county or in your local imarket working on it and not in it. Comments or questions drop them below this is a great way to automate your repetitive tasks and different types of todos in automations or even outside of automations to make sure that the business is not relying on what’s in your head but now everything we have documented and streamlined through video is in the todo. Comments or questions drop them below.

Snow service set up and workflow in Service Autopilot.

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Creating a package to track and perform staking before the snow season in Service Autopilot

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Mike Callahan here with a quick video – How to set up a package job in Service Autopilot to track and dispatch your pre-season snow staking. So if you’re a snow removal company using Service Autopilot t this is a great way to set up a package job to go out and track all the properties in DB state the pre-season and post-season to pick up those stakes and possibly fix any lawn damage along the way. I’m gonna show you how to do that so we’re gonna go into Service Autopilot first what we want to do is go under the gear icon and go under master packages. In this instance I’m going to go in and add a package job that is going to be for snow staking and lawn repair and we’re gonna go in and plug this in here and the renewal date is going to be 2020 November 1st for next season and we’re gonna go out and put pre-season staking in and we’re going to put in postseason removal slash lawn repair obviously I don’t want to have to go out to the same property twice so that’s what we’re gonna be doing in there.We’re gonna go in and grab our staking service let’s test account I’m not sure if I have it in here or not, we do not so actually I’m gonna go in and show you how to create this service then. We’re going to go in hit the plus icon and pull up the service and go to gear icon pull-up services so before you create a package this service needs to be created. Obviously being a test account here I didn’t have it in here but we’ll put it in so snow stake setup and we’re gonna have to put that in for our code invoice description service mode is going to be per unit you need to select an account and under estimates we are going to go and plug that in and hit save now we’re going to go in and add snow stake removal and lawn repair , now that we have that we can go back into our package settings and we want to go in and grab snow stake setup and snow stake removal and lawn repair and the start date here is we’re gonna say between November 1st and say November 15th we need to have all those plow steaks up and in let’s say April 1st Northeast at least here through about April 5th is when we would probably handle that well this with the way the weeks are falling out we put it up through the 8th so once you have that up we’d hit Save Changes and you have our start and stop times desired for snow stake removal. I’m gonna clip a test account to show you how you actually book this so when we’re going in we’re setting up our snow job so that’s an on demand job and that would be our normal snow plowing or salting. Next thing we do is go in and hit add a package job and this is for our snow stake setup and removal so we’d go in and grab our package snow stake lawn repair and we’re going to assign it – I’ll send it to myself and we’re going to go in and we’ve got the start and end date here and the start and end date here and now when it comes in to do those we will have the time to actually go out and set those up

The 3 bottlenecks to growing your business quickly to 1 million and beyond.

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Just grinding through the fall season here and I want to make a quick video about the 3 bottlenecks to growing your business fast and breaking a million mark and well beyond. Traditionally in a business we find that there’s 3 bottlenecks of when you go to scale a business; The first one is really going out and growing fast without having the right people on your bench and reinforcing the culture, the next one is growing fast and not knowing your numbers and the final one is cash flow. As we dive into this we’re going to scale this business and create a scalable business that is replicable without the business owner and as you know basically when I realized I want to get at the day-to-day operations of my business and achieve the success that I wanted I needed to go in and create a culture that was replicable and basically empowered my vision and where I wanted the company to go. The first thing we did is we actually spent probably close to twenty five thousand dollars over two years and went out to Phoenix, Arizona and figured out how to create a mission and vision and values for the company and create a cultural piece. The business had been pretty much a revolving door sometimes to our staff and part of the reason was we had a great pay structure but we didn’t reinforce a culture so especially with our millennial workers as time went on and on after 20 plus years, almost 25 years, the staff that was with us got older and left and as we started to turn up with more of a millennial workforce we really needed to go out and create job postings that went out to be the mission vision values the culture, it was an alignment thing. Basically as we created this alignment we created job descriptions and job postings that actually went out to the culture of the business and then we actually created an interviewing process that aligned to the cultures as well, one of the examples one of the core values that we believe is we would do what we said we did in as we interviewed people pre-screening interview question would be how do you feel about when somebody says they’re going to call you back and they don’t we just let the applicant respond to that and that was a good alignment question so if they responded that they absolutely hate it and you know if someone says they’re gonna do something and they don’t do it then that right there was a good telltale sign that we needed we had a good culture alignment. The next thing was knowing our numbers so at least myself and many of us started business don’t know the numbers when we start in the business after five years of college I will tell you I hated college accounting it really didn’t teach me much it was textbook accounting but after going and buying a industry-specific education and so the school of hard knocks with the education I went out and figured out what it costs to operate per division in the business so our landscape maintenance our snow removal and we had a really good idea what it costs us to operate per employee or per man-hour breakeven before we made a profit and that created a non-emotional wage bump.It was no longer walking up to a yard going well it’s just a thirty to thirty five dollar cut in my market in the first phase was I think it’s going to take X amount of minutes to mow below an edge this yard and we’d multiply the attempts at how early and that would be our price not emotionally and then eventually with some data we were able to go in and track custom fields basically like turf square footage or square footage of the pavement they were plowing or small, medium and large shrubs different production rates so it was it evolution so I’m not suggesting if you’re following this model to make an overnight change because if you’re still making money and things are profitable but just kind of stuck in the owners head that’s an issue but the progression that we saw by knowing the numbers which was a big bottleneck to growth for our business and many other businesses it was a progression of taking what was in the owners head and creating non-emotional way of plugging in how long you thought it was going to take and then when you open up an estimate calculate the price time and budget cost before profit. Then after we hit six to twelve months worth of data and the software we’re using we’re able to create non-emotional reports so based on my guys and girls in the field in my particular equipment not on an industry average we knew not emotionally on average how long it took the mow, blow and edge that property or plow or trim the small, medium or large shrubs. So first thing is creating a culture alignment that’s not just based on a paycheck but cultural alignment getting the right people on the right seats on the bus and driving all in the same direction together surrounded by a mission vision and values and that’s gonna help. Next thing is knowing your numbers you’ve got to know your numbers if you’re going to scale that business and then the next thing is cash flow, cash flow is king so one of the things we’ve learned throughout the years it wasn’t concept that I came up with something we borrowed from Jonathan of the lawn care millionaire and his company City Turf was getting a credit card on file and billing the previous works- week so everything we did this week we could bill the following week on a Monday or Tuesday, cash was in the bank before payroll and going in creating different systems especially in the winter to diversify our contract so we took the highs and lows of the winter our net profit margin was always within about five percent each time each year so we took the risk out about balancing unlimited contracts with capped retainers prepaid so no matter what we cover a fixed and variable cost with a predictable profit margin. If you’re looking at a three major bottlenecks in your business they’re potentially going to slow you down to break that million market beyond first one is going to be having a culture and reinforcing it with the right people and being slow to hire too quick to fire and indoctrinating the culture that’s gonna help for that long ten year, next thing is knowing your numbers so having a predictable and delegateable production rate based estimating system but maybe an evolution but something that’s delegateable and it’s not going on what you think the market would charge but it’s based on your specific equipment and overhead numbers and then the last thing is cash flow cash flows king so we need to go out and create predictable systems potentially automated to follow up and make sure you got a credit card but those three main things will be your bottleneck to growth in just about any business particularly in the lawn care, landscape, home cleaning and snow plowing industry so that is predominantly what we saw as we were growing our business those were the main bottlenecks to growth and predominantly when we deal with other businesses and we talk to them those are the bottlenecks that they face as well. Any comments or questions drop below I’m happy to answer those. But those are going to be your bottlenecks to growth sad story locally here a company that from the outside looked like it was absolutely just blowing up all new fleet trucks winning all the big contracts everybody thought that they wanted but low and behold unfortunate this individual basically I’m assuming didn’t know his numbers a cash flow and they are now out of business and they blew up I’m guessing from the outside well over that million mark within two three years but with the systems and processes if I was to guess behind the scenes were not there on that ultimately led to their demise so you know very very interesting that you know we can grow a business sometimes passed that million mark because it seems to be that magic number but if we don’t have the right people in culture we don’t have the numbers not emotionally to create an estimate process with built in profits and a system to have positive cash flow especially in a seasonal business such as lawn care, snow removal you’re gonna get in trouble and you getting in trouble quick. A book I’d highly recommend is a Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and it seems a little goofy at first but I will tell you that that book in the methodology or most of the methodology at least has been instrumental in both of my businesses and it’s something to be said on a quarterly basis when your accountant calls you and says hey you owe $40,000 or so in taxes projected for the quarter when you go to look in your bank account there’s forty five thousand in there it’s not an instance where your robbing Peter to pay Paul but you’ve got that actual cash aside and you’re pulling a percentage of your net profits projected and putting in a savings account a separate bank account so your building actually projected wealth that can be pulled out in a distribution so these things are paramount and scaling a business in my opinion and it’s gonna be the foundational part to grow a successful business. So you know like I said comments or questions dropped below I’m on a beta version of Facebook live here so people are written questions in here right now and I don’t see them I’ll get some back on the recorded version but video today is just is just the main three things you got to watch what you want to scale a business quick break that million mark or whatever your goal is is having that right culture right people on the right seats on the bus the old saying goes so that culture mission vision values get those people aligned extend that 10 years so your learning curve and onboarding costs are lower number two is going to be knowing your numbers create predictable estimate system that can be delegated as well as job costing the accountability publicly for all the estimates and the crews for production meeting those goals and then the last one is cash flow cash flow systems cash is king you’re really a possible want to build that war chest of cash so you have your own internal basically line of credit when you need it and when you’re going to scale and that next individual a little bit before you need them is ideal but if you don’t have an extra cash flow in that war chest then it’s usually not possible especially in these seasonal businesses and everything’s front front loaded up in the spring especially lawn care so comments questions drop them below but hopefully that’s a little bit helpful and those are three key areas to overcome those bottlenecks are growth and if you’re checking out the Simple Growth Facebook page theres an article I just posted I wrote for one of the magazine’s nationally that brings down the exact detail on talking about here so till tomorrow we’ll see you on Facebook live.

GIE recap and why video is so important (loved all the social media leaders this week)

Hey Mike Callahan here ,wanted to make a quick video. Absolutely shot, lost my voice just at the airport got back from GIE 2019 and Expo, at the airport here waiting to leave Louisville, Kentucky. Couple things had hit me, first of all just wanted to say what’s up to all the new friends that we made along the way, especially the social media influencers on Facebook and YouTube the rally was phenomenal Nailer and the whole team John ring-a-ding Blake Albertson just to name a few but had just an amazing time but it got me thinking I want to make a quick video about the power of video and social media and why it’s so important. Major book that I would highly suggest reading if you haven’t read it yet is a Marcus Sheridan- They Ask You Answer, Marcus puts a great spin on video and how to actually use it effectively in your business that’s something that myself and some other folks in my inner circle like Garrett Matthews and Chad Krantz have been doing for four or five years and it’s been instrumental in our business. The premise of it is based around some statistics done by Google and Forrester Research, Forrester Research is one of the prominent research companies in the United States this was originally done in a business-to-business research study so that covers your commercial clients on lawn care home cleaning and it was also done in a b-c so business consumers so these stats that I’m gonna break down here real quick and how to put them into play in this video are applicable to residential as well as commercial. The main thing is that there is this thing called zero moment of truth what zero moment of truth is the first time you realize your potential leader client exists and this study that happened from Forrester Research and Google is statistically right now they’re saying that about 70% of all buying habits and decisions are made from zero moment of truth that’s before you even know they exist. Where I think that video comes into play is going out and addressing the concerns and questions your future consumers have I’m gonna suggest that up businesses are the same, none of us are different and before you absolutely put me on blast where I’m going with this is yes we may be doing things differently maybe charging services differently we may have different levels of service but at the end of the day based on the statistics that 70% of buying habits are made before zero moment of truth before we ever know the consumer exists we really are all in the game service businesses at least and pretty much all businesses going out and getting and buying the consumers or leads trusts so we’re in the game of gaining trust before we know who our potential customer is and that’s where video comes into play. By making these videos and addressing the questions that your future consumers have around your service in a purely educational way but nothing do with sales that’s how you’re gonna win the game would be the structure in your market that’s what we did in my company and thats what Garrett continues to do in his company as well as mine here making these videos but we’re talking about questions that people have and answering them facture with no salesmen and becoming the knowledge topic expert. People also wanted to have them they want to know about comparisons they want to know about the good the bad and the ugly and the most powerful things are answering the questions and contractors don’t want to answer and that includes price are you addressing price on your website upfront I’m not suggesting you down to the penny but maybe a base price and some different prices to overcome the question because people are going on your website or hitting social media and looking for how much your services cost what’s included that’s not included so I highly recommend addressing price it doesn’t have to be the exact price because it does depend and I get that but it will be a game-changer you’re gonna start to gain the trust of your future consumer. The biggest objection I see especially that amount of events like this or speaking engagements and we’re talking about this is everybody’s concerned about what your competitors will do so competitors will find out you’re pricing, well if we honestly ask ourselves right now you know what your competitors are charging approximately so why are we as contractors generally worried about the competition people taking money out of our pockets instead of the potential new consumers we’re actually going to complete money in our pocket. Great book Marcus Sheridan- They Ask You Answer, this is nothing new I learned about this concept or lifecycle marketing pure marketing CRM platform I was with probably six or seven years ago and I was introduced to life cycle content marketing I believe Marcus was over another different platform and learned about it there but at the end of the day service businesses are in the business of gaining trust that their future consumers that they don’t know yet exist the only way to do that is to address price, common fears who the best in the market is yes this is something we didn’t in the snow removal company. There’s nothing worse than getting a bit chewy a four really high-end commercial clients they were like hey Mike we really like you but if we don’t choose you who would you suggest in your market and I’ll be honest we didn’t address this question upfront we skirted and said yeah we really don’t know who the market would be the best option outside of us which obviously we did next thing we thought is that maybe we would just suggest the worst competition what that would do is absolutely lose all the trust we’ve gained through this process so far so what we did is we had three of our major competitors that played the same sandbox and we actually referred them to the top three people but by doing so and then realising that we actually were honest and trustworthy doing so even if our price was higher than the new consumer potential consumer would usually choose us as the preferred contractors. Just really encouraged about all the guys and girls there at GIE plu Expo with social media making videos building content and my thought is how can we take that video process to ask the questions and overcome any industry projections of our industry to make ourselves different than our competitors by addressing upfront differentiating ourselves with hope we create a little higher perceived values and can sell at a higher price and shorten in that sale cycle. Video is king right now other product you may want to look into is REV taking that video transcript taking this video for maybe like a Facebook like putting on YouTube getting all that embed code with the video transcript and getting it on your website so search engine optimization when Google goes in and you answer the question- the question your asking should be your headline and then in the description the transcript of this video and you know within the next few days this will be Simple Growth page because that’s what we’re doing and that’s where consumer buy it habits are going that stat for Marcus shared and it’s pretty blown away that seventy percent about buying consumer all 70 percent buying decisions are influenced before zero moment of truth before you know that client exists probably about five years ago that was probably 50 percent ballpark and ten years ago is about twenty to twenty five percent so if you believe the stats at Google and Forrester Research, one thing we are positively certain of is the buying decision before the consumer ever contacts you that numbers never going backwards it’s going up so if you want to be an early adopter especially in the lawn care home cleaning industry and dominate and disrupt your market this is a way to go at it. I was just hanging out with John Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire here at GIE as well, very very smart man and influencer of his own with his to youtube videos but in his company city turf he was a disrupter 10 maybe 15 years ago dominating that Frisco and Plano market and McKinney out in Texas by doing so he became an expert in his market by doing just that well before there was any books or anything about that, a lot of service companies aren’t doing it. Comments or questions about this new process would you be willing to put your price on your website and talk about who the best options in your market are outside of you? it’s something we did and I tell you it was a little unnerving but it will win confidence and you can be the disruptor go out and dominate your market by disruption and being an industry expert. My challenge today is go out make those videos first draft is better than no draft and that’s why I love Facebook live because there’s no editing and it’s live and it’s up there. Everybody have a great weekend here and we see you back on the grind on Monday. Making some videos and kind of exposing some of the things we were lucky enough to get right in my business and some things we weren’t and how we overcame those to break that million mark and beyond just love sharing these lessons that I’ve learned on my own and then from other industry experts that we’ve mingled with especially than this week at GIE. I want to say big shout outs to all the other social media influencers and everybody over at Service Autopilot just a great week about to hop on the plane so we’ll see you Monday.

Mega Cavern and LCR Media and Service Autopilot

Mike Callahan here at the Louisville Mega Cavern down with the social media influencers hanging out with Service Autopilot and all the Youtubers and social media influencers. If you’re at GIE plus Expo come down and check it out we’re gonna be hanging out for the next couple hours with the team Mr. Chris Volpe, Cody Owen, John hey John I love you buddy Papa Bear gave me a hug already free hugs for everyone we’ll see you here shortly. If you are coming in to make sure you make it take an uber if you can parking is limited but gonna be hanging out- cash bar, food and Mike Callahan John Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire co-founder Service Autopilot to come down to hang out so you would come around hang out have any questions you want to ask or just chill we’ll be here.

Text messages inside your CRM and proactively communicating with your leads and clients. [customer service and time saving game changer]

Hey Mike Callahan here, I wanna make a quick video losing my voice here last day- day three of GIE Plus Expo. As we checked out of the hotel it got me thinking on the Air-bnb we’ve been staying at has been really good about communicating via text message or MS SMS messaging and it got me thinking and we take it for granted a lot in our service business and how we utilize it in our CRM our customer relationship management software. Utilizing text messages for your leads and clients can change the client experience and ultimately cause you to be different than everyone else in your market. What I’m recommending is when you’re looking at a CRM or customer relationship management software system is finding something that has two-way texting natively inside the platform there’s several advantages to this A. you can automate it so you don’t have to actually go out and do it yourself so when it should happen it happens just like it did at the Air-bnb or hotel that we’re staying at this morning the customer experience was significantly different they communicated when we checked in when they added extra security down the hall and when we were checking out and they even pushed us to a social review at the end of the experience but that communication even though it was automated felt personal. One of the things that we looked for and I’d also recommend looking for when you’re looking at a software or a customer relationship management software is two-way texting, SMS messaging inside the actual platform itself other benefit this is you’re going to have an audit trail of all these messages inside your platforms so not only can you send messages but you can receive messages. All the messages are now on that leader client tech record so no matter who’s in the clients instance they can see what’s going on what the communication is and they can pick up where the conversation left off. One of the things that you want to do in my opinion to accelerate your customer experience and buy some time back with predictable communication and follow-up result in your sales process is creating or going out and buying a software that has native two way texting in it and the product that we’re using right now is Service Autopilot to do that but no matter the software platform there is many benefits right now let’s face it people don’t want to talk to people live on the phone anymore and email is great but it is not converting as well as text message it’s a combination of text and email multiple communication channels has been the key to our success. One tip that we’ve had in the lawn care company who uses it creating an automated text as soon as we submit an estimate out to a potential client this text message fires off about five minutes after the estimates submitted and it notifies the client saying hey just want to let you know that we’ve emailed out your new estimate please confirm that you got it and if you don’t see your email box check your promotions folder or spam. Text communication is definitely a hot topic and when you’re looking to communicate and text with your clients we recommend putting it inside your CRM your customer relationship management software so it can be automated and you have an audit audit trail. Originally we were doing this over our voice over IP program which was RingCentral nothing wrong with that but the audit trail in the communication was in a separate platform and what that caused was multiple system chaos and the system to be reliant on a physical person. We can automate these text message so when they should happen they always happen without any human interaction those automated text messages inside the platform never call in sick and they’re always there. I want to say what’s up – Robert. Hanging out GIE booth 4010 last day up to 2 p.m. today come down hang out say what’s up. Any comments or questions on the video happy to answer them live or in person here at GIE but either way swing down booth 4010 we’re hanging out to 2 p.m. today last day voice is shot just having a great time hanging out with customers and future customers here and talking lawn and landscape and snow removal the last two and a half days. Just an amazing event if you haven’t been down GIE- highly recommend checking it out it is, as you can see around me here, a phenomenal event 22 23 acres I believe of just equipment in green industry of snow removal products and equipment so the main topic today is if you’re still looking at it purchasing a CRM or a customer relationship management software or adding some functionality highly recommend SMS text messaging natively inside the platform it’s all in one place you know exactly what the communications are and in addition you could potentially automate it so your example of basically as soon as you send out an estimate you can notify them to let them know that they’ve got it. Comments or questions drop below happy to answer them as well as come down to do 4010 here GIE Plus Expo 2019 Mike Callahan hanging out at booth 4010 see you then if not moving back online next week after we recover from one heck of a week at GIE

Job tracking for profits and accountability

Hey Mike Callahan here on the floor GIE 2019 Plus Expo talking today about job profits and accountability. One of the biggest things we see when we’re talking to contractors in the lawn and landscape industry as well as the cleaning industry is how to actually create predictability and profits in your business. The biggest thing we recommend is while we’re doing that is we really need to have a dispatch border a way to track our jobs and that’s going to include a start and stop time when the jobs actually be done before we actually get to the job setting up the foundational pieces are probably the best part of success so what we really want to have is a production rate based estimating system based on the size of area being serviced or maybe man minutes or man-hours and what that’s going to produce is a budgeted time for the job so going in while the job is set up we really want a price for the job a budgeted time how long it should take our crew and when we actually do the job clocking into a mobile device or writing down hard copy the start and stop times to the job and preferably the start and stop times for the mobilization going up to get that job. We are tracking our mobilization our non billable time for that job and the on-site time with a start and stop time by setting up the basically the foundations of a budget time the job needs to be done in tracking our mobilization and start and stop time so each and every job if you’re using a CRM such a Service Autopilot or any other CRM for that matter even if you’re using an excel sheet this is going to give you the granularity and ability to run job costing reports on a daily or at least monthly basis to see where you’re making money and where you’re not making money and this ability to look at this is also going to give you the ability to have real-time data for yourself for the business owner or manager as well as for your crews. What we did at Callahan’s Lawn Care is we gave the crews daily accountability based on their budget vs actual time. If you’re looking for accountability and predictable profits in your service business the main steps this is creating an estimating system that has a budgeted time that is shown to your crews we’re tracking mobilization start and stop time as well as a start and stop time on the jobs itself and then being able to run daily reports and then subsequent reports whether it’s weekly or monthly to make sure we’re making money and then let’s just say if our goal is $50 per man-hour that report can plug in that data and say anything that’s below $50 per hour we need to charge X amount of dollars more per visit to hit our hourly threshold for profitability. Any comments or questions drop them below but we’re hanging out a GIE 2019 Expo and as we’re walking around here I can just give you a quick tour of what’s going on here at GIE so as we’re going here we’re walking around we’re at booth 40 10 gonna be there all day at 11 a.m. I’m gonna be hanging out at the social media tent with a couple interviews but as we’re going here and you can kind of see it place is just absolutely massive so a lot of people doors open here shortly probably about 10 minutes to the general public but a little sneak preview for the first full day of GIE as we’re doing it here and we’ve got pretty much anything from snow plows lawn mowing aerators you name it we’ve got engines over here but something to be seen if you are in the lawn care industry that you should definitely check out sometime gonna be hanging out the Service Autopilot booth 4010 with the whole Service Autopilot team Jonathan of the lawn care millionaire Jonathan Pototschnik co-founder Service Autopilot will be joining us today on the floor of GIE at booth 4010 so whether you’re a Simple Growth client Service Autopilot client or just checking out some things that we’re doing here feel free to check us out because the whole team’s gonna be here all day today and then we’re hanging out at the Caverns in Louisville with some of the top social media influencers Naylor and Blake Albertson that whole crew Keith all those guys should be there so if you’re looking to hang out and meet some of the top social media influencers including Jonathan Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire we’re gonna be hanging out all day at GIE booth 4010 as well as the Caverns event tonight which is probably about 5- 10- 15 minutes away from GIE here. As you can see it is acres and acres and acres of just absolute craziness of equipment and everything to do with the lawn and landscape industry. Looking forward to see ya later today at booth 4010 Mike Callahan hanging out with Simple Growth team gonna be down in the social media tent around 11 doing a couple interviews so if you would like to get out and meet everybody here that we kind of mingle remotely through facebook in that so if you’re down at GIE Plus Expo come down and say hello a booth 4010 Service Autopilot or take a look for me around 11:00 a.m. at the social media tent so hopefully advice about creating predictable estimates and accountability in your business with tracking mobilization time drive time and be able to run some job cost and reports to make sure that you’re hitting your hourly goals for profit margins and having transparency with your team’s help this morning if you need comments and questions on that video or you’re down to GIE come by and stop by and see us at boot 4010

GIE plus Expo [equipment standardization] come stop by say hi I will at Booth 4010 with Jonathan of the lawn care millionaire all week!

Hey Mike Callahan here at the airport on my way to 2019 GIE plus Expo in Louisville, Kentucky as I look outside the window here at the airport started thinking about equipment standardization what that means in the green industry or even in your snow removal industry just starting the warm-up for the upcoming season here for snow removal but so whether you’re running a lawncare landscape maintenance company design-build or snow removal as I’m hanging out here at the airport on the way to GIE p;us Expo 2019 equipment standardization has been something is very successful and key to the success of my company but just like Southwest Airlines standardizing their fleet having the same exact claim, if we go out and standardize all our mowers weed whackers blowers stick headers trucks and everything else that we use by doing so we’re able to create a standardized production rate based estimating system on the same exact piece of equipment and a standardized preventive maintenance and repair situation by stocking similar parts for each piece of equipment. When we go out and build a training and systematic way to get our guys and girls in the field to do the work we’re doing it in the same exact way time in a time out, just like Southwest they’ve got mechanics trained on one type of plane stewardess on one type of plane for handling customer service as well as the people that work underneath the plane for baggage. What I’m suggesting is you’re in lawncare and snow removal company standardize your fleet and this is gonna allow you to standardize your training equipment asset management and when you go out to buy new pieces of equipment in your fleet it makes it a lot easier because then you have buying power hopefully we’re like a fleet package. Idea today is standardize your fleet which is gonna standardize your estimating process your production process and your training process and having parts in place to make sure that when you go down you’re back up and running as soon as possible so just like Southwest here at the airport. I suggest if you’re out a GIE plus Expo or at a local dealership looking to standardize that fleet or predictable collection rates and predictable equipment and asset management. Comments or questions drop below but I’m just thinking about that as I was at the airport here looking at one of these planes out here by Southwest and that was their key to success by standardizing everything starting with the exact plane that they work with. I’m going to be hanging out at the GIE plus Expo in Louisville, Kentucky the next three four days here. I’m gonna be hanging out at booth 4010 with Service Autopilot Johnathan Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire, will be hanging out all week as well so love to meet you in person stop by booth 4010 Mike Callahan Jonathan Pototschnik of the lawn careillionaire and the whole SA crew is gonna be hanging out. We’re gonna be talking software and automation and everything green industry so we’ll see you there Louisville, Kentucky Green Industry Expo next couple days coming up booth 4010 Service Autopilot Mike Callahan and Jonathan Pototschnik of the lawn care millionaire will see you there.