Video Transcription

Hey Mike Callahan here, want to make a quick video about creating call scripts and workflow in your office and what we’ve seen a lot of very successful service companies is that the business owner or the management team takes the time to actually create a flowchart with different call scripts to standardize their marketing communication process. A real basic example of this success workflow is creating the ability to see if we have let’s just say someone comes from a facebook messenger bot and as they came in from your facebook messenger bot no matter lawn care or home cleaning pest control whatever the service is there’s certain information that we hopefully have gained on the facebook messenger bot. So we’ve got their name obviously now hopefully we’re gonna get their phone number but depending how far they get into that marketing funnel we may not have a phone number but we’re gonna be looking at it the way we’ve dialed that out is a hot lead with a phone number a hot lead with a phone in an email or a hot lead with just the connection in a product like many chats so we can have a messenger conversation one-on-one not automated but through a workflow and some of it up the first 24 hours can be automated . The idea here is if we have a hot lead coming in with a phone email and obviously messenger those are different conversations so the first thing we would probably suggest is if they came in through Facebook Messenger and we have their phone number somebody’s gonna reach out in the first 24 hours to make a phone call now you’ve kind of got a decision dimond there if they picked up the phone this would happen if they didn’t pick up the phone this would happen so let’s say best-case scenario we’ve got their phone number we make a call they pick up we are trying to book a estimate or a sales call and through that process if we actually do submit an estimate there’s an automated follow-up but what if we get him on the phone and they were just kind of shopping the bot and they aren’t as hot as we thought and maybe they’re not a good fit so we need to have a sequence that goes through they’re not a good fit for maybe a long-term nurture or maybe they’re interested but just not ready to commit and shop you there at that point. You’ve got four or five different things that can happen just off that lead has a phone number now what if we called and left the voicemail so what I’m gonna recommend is another flow below that is an automated email that’s triggered after you leave the voicemail into email subject line is something simple as we just I just left your voicemail with a follow-up saying hey we’d be interested to get you that estimate I left you the voicemail and this is how Ican be contacted and maybe if you’re a service business that provides on-site estimates it’s linked to an on-site or online calendar such as calendarly or appointment core. The idea is we really want to have different scripts because the conversation I’m gonna have a live phone call is gonna be significantly different than the call script that I’m leaving on a voicemail so the the purpose of today’s video is really dial out all the different ways that you could be communicating with a lead and I think that it should be a hot lead warm lead or cold lead so our cold dead is just probably that somebody’s not ready to buy right now maybe it’s not a good fit yet so we’re gonna throw them into a 12-month long-term nurture via email or messenger or whatever communication channel you are Bob and then you’re warm and hot leads those are more qualified leads so obviously if we have a phone number we want to reach out but if we don’t have a phone number we have messenger an email hopefully so we’re gonna have kind of the same decision diamond how do we handle the communication via email how long does it go is it two or three emails over two days each and then if they engage to request an estimate they go to the top option and if they don’t engage we kick them down into that long-term nurture so we educate them and hopefully to reciprocity when they’re ready to buy they reach back out to us. Whole idea is we want to create a workflow out of flowchart something like lucid chart for Google drawing and then after you build that out you build a systematic automated process around that and after you build out each email and call script you write out the call script and standardized and trained to those call scripts so we can standardize that marketing process whether it’s the business owner or someone in the office or someone halfway around the world as a virtual assistant. First thing you want to do though is define whether they’re warm hot or cold and then what contact information do we have so do we have a cell phone do we have an email if we have none of those in the example like Facebook Message do we have a contact on messenger and then think about all the different ways we would communicate that it’s appropriate for that time in the customer lifecycle based on them being pre-qualified hot warm and cold and then dial in the conversation of what if we do have a phone number they don’t answer how do we continue this conversation offline via text or email so hopefully that video is helpful but a lot of people want to know now that I’ve got some folks in Facebook Messenger how do I actually go out and prime the pipeline in that sales funnel for appropriate communication in your service business as well