Video transcription:

Mike Callahan here with a quick video – How to set up a package job in Service Autopilot to track and dispatch your pre-season snow staking. So if you’re a snow removal company using Service Autopilot t this is a great way to set up a package job to go out and track all the properties in DB state the pre-season and post-season to pick up those stakes and possibly fix any lawn damage along the way. I’m gonna show you how to do that so we’re gonna go into Service Autopilot first what we want to do is go under the gear icon and go under master packages. In this instance I’m going to go in and add a package job that is going to be for snow staking and lawn repair and we’re gonna go in and plug this in here and the renewal date is going to be 2020 November 1st for next season and we’re gonna go out and put pre-season staking in and we’re going to put in postseason removal slash lawn repair obviously I don’t want to have to go out to the same property twice so that’s what we’re gonna be doing in there.We’re gonna go in and grab our staking service let’s test account I’m not sure if I have it in here or not, we do not so actually I’m gonna go in and show you how to create this service then. We’re going to go in hit the plus icon and pull up the service and go to gear icon pull-up services so before you create a package this service needs to be created. Obviously being a test account here I didn’t have it in here but we’ll put it in so snow stake setup and we’re gonna have to put that in for our code invoice description service mode is going to be per unit you need to select an account and under estimates we are going to go and plug that in and hit save now we’re going to go in and add snow stake removal and lawn repair , now that we have that we can go back into our package settings and we want to go in and grab snow stake setup and snow stake removal and lawn repair and the start date here is we’re gonna say between November 1st and say November 15th we need to have all those plow steaks up and in let’s say April 1st Northeast at least here through about April 5th is when we would probably handle that well this with the way the weeks are falling out we put it up through the 8th so once you have that up we’d hit Save Changes and you have our start and stop times desired for snow stake removal. I’m gonna clip a test account to show you how you actually book this so when we’re going in we’re setting up our snow job so that’s an on demand job and that would be our normal snow plowing or salting. Next thing we do is go in and hit add a package job and this is for our snow stake setup and removal so we’d go in and grab our package snow stake lawn repair and we’re going to assign it – I’ll send it to myself and we’re going to go in and we’ve got the start and end date here and the start and end date here and now when it comes in to do those we will have the time to actually go out and set those up