Video transcription:

Hey Mike Callahan here, had a question submitted on the SA page- gentleman said sometimes he has a 2 or 3 person crew , dispatches work and then on the dispatch screen the assigns team members to each crew, will SAP automatically figure the actual time correctly? A one hour job with 3 people shows 3 hours.  I’m not sure if this answers it exactly but I think this definitely will cover it. So the first thing you want to do is go in and set up the job here by hitting add a job I got one in here, I’ve set this up for 150 dollars and 3 budgeted hours. You always want to remember when you set up a job in Service Autopilot its based on 1 persons total time and then it will actually do the math for you based on how many people are on that crew on that particular day, so that’s going to address part of the first question. So at 50 bucks an hour, 3 times 50 is 150 bucks, I’m assigning it to a crew and I’m putting the start date and hitting save. Under Teams I want to go in and create the team, so I created a 3 person team in the example; myself, Chad and Christine and we’re working 7 days a week so by default that is a 3 person crew. On the Dispatch Board after I go in and click this here and go to dispatch that gets this phone icon.  You will notice there is no start and stop time because we are on the Dispatch Board not the Close Out Day screen I’ve got 3 budget hours and 150 dollars. Now this is live and ready to be printed or the mobiles. When I go down to the more tab and assign teams this would aromatically of been on here, I actually played with this earlier before the video, It would load in automatically with the default settings for all 3 people. If I wasn’t working on the crew that day we would drag this over and just put this over here. Now its going to update the end times based on budgeted hours and assignment, so that answers the other part of the question. Once you X-out of that it updates it here its 3 hours for 150 bucks. On the Close Out Day screen after the work has been done, so if their in their mobile and they plug in 8 am to 9:30 am its going to give us certain things here – so its going to give us the hours and the total men, the thing that you are missing here by default is we really need to go in and check Total Actual Man Hours and the Actual Time Variance.  What that is going to give us is the variance here so they did it in 3 hours and they were budgeted for 3 hours – there were two people for an hour and a half and the total man hours equals 3. If we go in here and  update this, instead of 9:30 we put 9 am that will change the math , and we scroll over and hit save. Now our variance is 1 hour under budget , 1 hour worked – but the total man hours is the 1 hour times 2 people so 2 hours for the 150. So it will automatically update, we need to remember in the morning when these crews update to go into the More tab – assign teams and drag and drop the assignments for that day only these will load in the default settings, so that’s how we tackle that time variance and the extra time there. In the home cleaning industry a lot of people are using the dispatch calendar we would go in and hit add, add a recurring job or actually lets do a one time job, and we can go in add our bi-weekly clean I’m going to leave it defaulted to that cleaning crew ( or that mow crew just for times sake). We can put it in for 150, so lets say that’s a bi-weekly clean for 150 dollars and 3 maid hours, hit save (forgot to select a customer). So same example instead of the mowing its grabbed those 3 budgeted hours in the actual allotment here and we have those 3 budgeted maid hours here. You can also go in now and scroll up and under the More tab we can do the same exact thing – Assign Teams and drag and drop those resources from that team or crew. As you can see as I added that extra individual in it updated the time slots as well, so that’s how we can handle it for the cleaning industry or the lawn care industry. Any comments or questions drop them below, hopefully this helped.