Will new equipment purchases replace hard to find employees?

Hey Mike Callahan here, just got back home from the ACSA Snow Show sponsored by ASCA and Snow Magazine. One of the hottest topics over the last two days at that conference (with the top 100 snow removal companies in the whole entire country US and Canada) was replacing employees with high production equipment. So my question to you today is… are we following suit with some of the leaders in the snow removal industry as well as lawn care industry in investing in equipment that is higher production maybe a higher ticket price but allow us to reduce our labor force and have more productive more predictable outcomes on the work we perform. One of the biggest trends right now that we saw at the ASEA Snow Show, that I spoke at and did a panel discussion with the top 100 companies in the whole entire country in Canada so pretty much across all of North America, the hottest trend right now- giving the labor crisis that we are involved in no matter the service industry whether it’s lawn care, snow removal, home cleaning, pest control we’re all dealing with the same labor problems and one of the biggest shifts right now is the investment in technology in AI (artificial intelligence) to basically alleviate some of the manual labor that we need some of the pieces of equipment that were at the snow show, very similar equipment that’s coming out lawn care as well not exactly positive and home cleaning yet but I can definitely tell you that in snow removal they have completely automated sidewalk removal equipment now just like the automated lawn mowers we have in the lawn care industry as well as higher production based equipment like Ventrac, Western had a snow basically plowing slash brush that looks phenomenal among other things. Question to you drop your comments below I’m curious going into the second half of this year, whether it’s your lawn care, home cleaning or snow removal company are you going out and investing money in higher production equipment to replace your field labor to have more productive all outcomes? I Want to say what’s up to David Keith, Stephanie and Thomas as well. So more of a question going out because it seems to be the shift after we just got back from the ASEA snow removal conference that most companies are going out and buying higher ticket price items to replace their labor and have better production and better predictability. This is something we always did a Callahan’s Lawn Care invested in the latest and greatest equipment and technology to create predictable results with less labor in higher margins, so drop your comments below if this is in your game plan. Also a huge announcement it is official, I’ll be dropping some links… Lawn and Landscape Magazine is gonna have their technology conference, first annual Orlando Florida in the middle of February I’m gonna be doing at least an hour talk on and actually Im on the advisory board and Service Autopilot SA6 gonna be doing a live talk with Scott I’m sorry [Laughter] Chris Volpe nothing wrong with live video here… but Chris Volpe and I at SA6 will be going live to show you what a fully built out SA instance looks like so make sure you catch the free show that we’re doing there’s a few spots left the day before SA6 and then Chris Volpe and I are gonna take the main stage at SA6 showing you what a fully set up and trained Service Autopilot account looks at for lawn care, snow removal and yes home cleaning. We’re gonna break it down across three industries to show you how to do the actual production rate based estimating on each industry and we’ve had some massive breakthroughs if you’re in the home cleaning industry how to actually set this up an SA we’re able to base it on square footage a range of square footage with small, medium and large bathrooms, bedrooms or we can actually base it on square footage with a high and low range before your deep clean, top-to-bottom, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly move-in and move-out and we can’t forget after construction as well. Looking forward to seeing it before SA6 at SA6 and the Lawn and Landscape Magazine‚Äôs first annual tech conference in the middle of February, where I’ll be on stage just dropping some knowledge about the newest and greatest technology and how to implement them in your service business. Drop comments below are you investing a technology to repay some of your field labor for better production and more standard labor force?